Deal or REAL Deal? How Do You Know the Difference?

It’s a common expression, The Real Deal. We use it all the time, that guy is the real deal, this car is the real deal, that Gucci Bag is the real deal.

It means authentic, worthwhile, respectable, and it’s completely subjective.

So when it comes to real estate, how do you tell the deals from the real deals? Here’s how…

Trial By Fire – 6 Figures In 120 Days

In the last post we talked about how for (the first time ever) I had a deal under-deliver and, although I tried everything, I could not make good on my promise to repay my hard money lender at our first agreed upon date. If you missed that post, you should read it; it’s an important one.

Read how I generated 6 figure in 120 days…

What To Do If You Cannot Make Good On Your Promise

Sharing my real-life experience here gives you insights to this business that many teachers or ‘gurus’ (which I’m not) won’t reveal. But I think it’s important to expose every aspect of real estate investing because “deals-gone-sideways” happen to everyone, and if I didn’t educate you on how to work through them, well it wouldn’t be much of an education.

What To Do When Your Real Estate Investing isn’t Working

So you’ve got a system and you’re applying it to your real estate investment business, but the hot leads aren’t coming in, the deals aren’t closing, and the MONEY ISN’T HITTING THE BANK ACCOUNT!

Look, I can feel your frustration, and you’re not alone, but the truth of this business is, it works if you work it. Here’s what I mean…

3 Simple Steps to Proper Due Diligence

Congratulations! You have an accepted offer, the seller has signed the contract, and you’re into the inspection period (due diligence).

Now what?!

It’s not uncommon for the new investor to feel an onslaught of panic at this juncture. There’s nothing to worry about, if you happen to find anything during your due diligence that breaks the deal for you, you have an out. So feel free to proceed with confidence and flair!

To keep it simple, here are three simple steps to follow.

How To Pocket A Better Profit and Stop Leaving Money On the Table

Do you like secrets? Here’s a golden one:

peoplequestionAll of the cash in a deal is up for grabs.

However, it’s up to you to use the right words and ask the right questions in order to get your share.

It’s up to YOU to get what you want before you close.

How I Raised $100K in Private Money the First Time

Everyone gushes about the brilliance of private money, and they’re right. Private money is fast, cheaper than hard money, and easy to come by – if you know how to find it. There are three keys to obtaining a private money loan.

A Simple Real Estate Negotiation Secret that Increases Your Profit Virtually Every Time

Do you like secrets? Here’s a golden one:
All of the profit in a deal is up for grabs.

However, it’s up to you to use the right words and ask the right questions in order to get your share.

It’s up to YOU to get what you want before you close.

You do that through compelling and timely negotiation. Understand, not all real estate negotiations are a head to head battle. Sometimes a successful negotiation can be accomplished by asking a single question, and that leads us to another secret. In fact, the very secret I promised in the headline.

How to Build a Massive Real Estate Buyers’ List

There are those who spin the dream of no money down real estate investing. The truth, however, is that deals typically require money. It doesn’t have to be your money, but you will need money. The real estate buyers’ list is one of the more effective tools to find that money.

5 Steps to Meeting With a Motivated Seller So That They Take Your “Investor” Offer Seriously

Purchasing real estate directly from a motivated seller is not a one-night stand in the back of a Buick. It is a courting process. Understand that.

These five steps will set you up so that your “Investor Offer” (often referred to, and miscategorized, as a lo-ball offer) is given serious consideration. But! If you skip these steps, you’ll rarely… if ever… make it to the closing table – and your job as a real estate investor is to buy low and close deals.

The Tricks to Getting Your Offer Accepted When Buying a House

So you’ve got leads flowing like the Colorado River at springtime, but if you’re not presenting offers, and more importantly, having those offers accepted, you’re doing a lot of work and not buying a house. First, you must do these four things before you even consider asking for a signature.

How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing

We live in a society where the big no longer defeats the small, it’s now the fast that beats the slow. Whether you are in real estate investing or not, you always have to take into account the fact that we live in a world that rewards quick and decisive action, and acting quickly is how to get started in real estate investing.

How to Build Rapport And Create Wealth In Two Simple Steps

The size of your paycheck and your ability to create wealth will be in direct proportion to your capacity for authentic communication and building rapport.