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Success Doesn’t Happen In a Seminar: Put The Book Down And Get Into The Game

People love to learn, they will buy hundreds of courses, books and audio programs, But! They will rarely take more than one (if one at all) actionable step toward their "desired" success. Why? Because most people would rather learn than do. It’s safe; there’s no failure in learning.Learning leads you. Action transforms your life. Real estate is not … [Read more of this review]

Deal or REAL Deal? How Do You Know the Difference?

It’s a common expression, The Real Deal. We use it all the time, that guy is the real deal, this car is the real deal, that Gucci Bag is the real deal.It means authentic, worthwhile, respectable, and it’s completely subjective.So when it comes to real estate, how do you tell the deals from the real deals? Here’s how- you become a shopper of … [Read more of this review]

Trial By Fire – 6 Figures In 120 Days

In the last post we talked about how for (the first time ever) I had a deal under-deliver and, although I tried everything, I could not make good on my promise to repay my hard money lender at our first agreed upon date. If you missed that post, you should read it; it’s an important one.We settled on a 90-day extension, giving me 120 days to make … [Read more of this review]

What To Do If You Cannot Make Good On Your Promise

Sharing my real-life experience here gives you insights to this business that many teachers or ‘gurus’ (which I’m not) won’t reveal. But I think it’s important to expose every aspect of real estate investing because "deals-gone-sideways" happen to everyone, and if I didn’t educate you on how to work through them, well it wouldn’t be much of an … [Read more of this review]

What To Do When Your Real Estate Investing isn’t Working

So you’ve got a system and you’re applying it to your real estate investment business, but the hot leads aren’t coming in, the deals aren’t closing, and the MONEY ISN’T HITTING THE BANK ACCOUNT!Look, I can feel your frustration, and you’re not alone, but the truth of this business is, it works if you work it.The last thing I want you to do is give up … [Read more of this review]

Why a Zero Balance in Your Bank Account is a Blessing in Real Estate Investing

It’s true, most of my material is directed towards investing in real estate with no money or credit, but I’ve been asked multiple times, Matt, what should I do if I have money and good credit? How should I invest?My teachings aren’t only directed at people with no money; they’re for everyone. Rather, what I'm trying to impress upon you is the value of … [Read more of this review]

3 Simple Steps to Proper Due Diligence

Congratulations! You have an accepted offer, the seller has signed the contract, and you’re into the inspection period (due diligence).It’s not uncommon for the new investor to feel an onslaught of panic at this juncture. There’s nothing to worry about, if you happen to find anything during your due diligence that breaks the deal for you, you have an … [Read more of this review]

How To Pocket A Better Profit and Stop Leaving Money On the Table

Do you like secrets? Here’s a golden one:All of the cash in a deal is up for grabs.However, it’s up to you to use the right words and ask the right questions in order to get your share.It’s up to YOU to get what you want before you close.You do that through compelling and timely negotiation. Understand, not all negotiations are a head to head … [Read more of this review]

4 Imminent Financial Blows Facing Your Children

Financial times are different than they were in the past, and they continue to change at a rapid clip. Preparing your children to meet the biggest financial impacts they’ll see later in life is imperative if you want them to experience life on their terms.The Extended Golden YearsIt used to be 65 was considered old, retired, and on your way out. … [Read more of this review]

If You’re Saving Your Money, You’re Losing Money… Daily!

How much money do you have in your savings account?How long has it been sitting there?Let’s say you have $10,000 in a savings account and it has been sitting there untouched for 10 years.At the high-yield savings account interest rate of .85% that most banks offer, you would, 10 years later, have $10,886.84 in that account.Okay, now stay with … [Read more of this review]

5 Reasons EVERYONE Should Invest in Real Estate

Most people think of real estate in one form, a personal residence, but real estate comes in many shapes, and most importantly, price points. Because of that, whatever your income, you have the opportunity to invest, reduce taxes, earn money, and create a tangible savings account.Real estate can add money to your pocket in a multitude of ways, but today, … [Read more of this review]

Who is Your Financial Freedom Mentor?

financial advisor

Today I want to hone in on one thing, and one thing only. If you don’t have this right, you don’t stand a chance at financial freedom. It’s the truth, and I want you to make it; so we’ve got to get this one right.One question: From whom do you take your financial advice?Did you know, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, 95% of … [Read more of this review]

Why Your Yellow Letters Are Not Working

real estate investor Brad

Beginning investors carry so many assumptions as to why this or that isn’t working. The direct mail silver bullet, "the yellow letter," is not immune from such assumptions. It’s a wonder any new person ever finds success with the yellow letter, or any marketing piece for that matter, but so many do.You know who these successful people are? The ones who … [Read more of this review]