Investing Education Will Not Make You Rich, but this Will!

People love to learn, but they hate to do. Investing education alone will not make you rich. People will buy a hundred courses and never take one actionable step towards success.

“But Why?”

Memphis Project Continued

Ok… we’re off and running. After several hours on the phone with various departments of Memphis government, the City turned out to be a little more understanding than I thought. As the first lesson was “don’t assume anything,” the second lesson is “don’t overreact.” The City has released funds to our contractor and clean-up and construction has begun. As of right now, the tiny delay will be minor in the grand scheme of things. Now that the City is seemingly no longer an obstacle, the weather may be.

How to “Clearly” Tell a Good Deal From a Bad One

Knowing the difference between a good deal and a bad deal is essential if you expect to invest in real estate for the long-term. Some are naturals at recognizing deals, and others… not so much. Either way, the skill can be learned through the right real estate investing education and real world experience.

The educated real estate investor answer to just about any investing question is, “It depends.” The question, “Is this a good deal?” is no exception. The answer depends on the investor’s goals and intent.

Is the goal cash or cash-flow?

Is the intent to invest long-term or flip quickly?

These are important questions to be addressed before the original question, “Is this a good deal?” can be accurately answered. However, a quick analysis to determine a clear initial opinion of “good deal” or “bad deal” can be had by using a simple acronym that was taught to me years ago… C.L.E.A.R. I still use it today.

The 7 “Career Killing” Mistakes Investors Make

Your pursuit of the ultimate time and money freedom through real estate investing is that much closer by simply avoiding the 7 “Career Killing” mistakes investors make. To your success…

Four Exit Strategies Every Investor MUST know!

If you expect to ever consistently get paid in real estate investing, it is paramount that you know your four exit strategies and how they apply to EVERY deal. Knowing them will save you hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of dollars over your investing career. Before you invest one more dime of your hard-earned money, watch this video.

How to Find Good Deals, Part 1

Of the multitude of workshops and seminars I have had the privilege of attending, a great amount of time has been dedicated to “How to find a good deal!” It’s understandable, as finding a good deal is the most bankable skill of a real estate investor. After reviewing the transactions I’ve completed the past few years, I’ve noticed very few of the traditional methods of finding deals taught at these seminars and workshops have panned out. Learn the sources and methods that have, and are, working for me—in today’s market!

Does it take money to make money?

People frequently ask us if they can get started investing with little or no money, or more specifically… “Does it take money to make money?” For the most part, the answer is “Yes.” The caveat is, however, it doesn’t have to be your money; And where you invest money is probably more important than how much of it you have to invest.

The New Definition of Wealth!

When I changed my thoughts about what it means to be financially independent, I found myself on track to actually reach “financial independence” in just a few years… as opposed to the 40+ years instilled in my mind by “traditional” thinking. I’m going to suggest you start thinking about your financial future a little differently, as well.

Where To Start If You Have No Money To Do So?

“Where to start if you have no money to do so?” is one of the most common questions I get. What’s tragic is it is probably the most common question not asked, as well. Fear of the unknown stops people dead in their tracks and they never get started in the most lucrative industry in the world. Fear’s biggest adversary is “confidence,” and with this post it is my intention to instill some confidence in you so that you can move forward and begin to enjoy all of the time-freedom and money-freedom that successful real estate investing can provide.