Investing Education Will Not Make You Rich, but this Will!

People love to learn, but they hate to do. Investing education alone will not make you rich. People will buy a hundred courses and never take one actionable step towards their success.

“But Why?”

Unfortunately, I don’t have a one-size-fits-all answer. What I do know is learning is “safe.” There’s no risk in learning. There’s nothing to fear in learning. Although there’s nothing wrong with learning, by itself it’s a waste of time.

“But wait! I thought knowledge was power. It’s not?”

No. Contrary to popular belief, knowledge is potential power (emphasis on the “potential”). Unless your knowledge is applied, knowing everything about everything won’t make a difference for you.

Specifically, knowing everything about real estate investing won’t make a difference for you.

Nobody knows everything about real estate investing. You will never know it all. Stop waiting to know it all before you get started.

take actionJust get started. Travel as far as you can see and once you get there YOU WILL SEE FURTHER.

At first, the results of your efforts will appear disconnected, but after a time – because there is not one success story that happened overnight –the spoils of your campaign accumulate and connections appear where before you saw none.

Relationships develop, opportunities and deals reveal themselves, success stories accrue, and suddenly the person you’ve become on this journey of real estate is the most exalted version of yourself you had no idea you’d meet.

  • You will have a new air of confidence.
  • That confidence will lead to more “Doing!”
  • Doing creates results.
  • Stack up the results and you’ve got success!

Success leads to even greater confidence of which leads to more doing, and around and around you go successfully investing in real estate. But! You will never get to enjoy the money or experience the success without first getting started. Investing education will not make you rich, but consistent and persistent action will.

In the beginning, it comes down to belief. Meaning… There are only two reasons people don’t get started investing in real estate. Either:

  1. They don’t believe real estate works, which we all know is silly given that real estate has created more millionaires and billionaires than any other investment vehicle or industry.
  2. They don’t believe that they will work, of which is just as silly because we all know successful people whose intelligence seems sub-par to our own. C’mon! You know that person I’m talkin’ about. Maybe you know more than one? You know you’ve said at least once in your life, “If they can do it, I know I can.” Real estate is just like that! Trust me, countless people of far lessor resources and faculties than you have achieved success in real estate investing. I promise. I swear. So…

Let go of your disempowering beliefs and just get started. Take the first step and get into action. And even when all the steps you’re taking don’t appear to be working and you want to move on to the next shiny thing (especially then), stick with it.

Don’t give up. Know that everybody grows and succeeds at different speeds, but if you commit to consistent and persistent action… YOU WILL GROW AND SUCCEED!

As I look back on my own real estate investing career (and I’m not done yet, by the way), after making a lot of money and creating a comfortable life for my family, I can say with conviction that my biggest reward has not been the money. In fact, the money lies somewhere around 4 or 5 on my list of rewards. My biggest reward to date is who I’ve become along the way.

Regardless of what reward you will hold most dear, it’s the “doing” that will create it. There is no final destination either, by the way. Real estate investing success is a journey, and just like any journey… it begins with one step. So, before you invest in one more investing education program, take the first step implementing the knowledge you already have. If you get stuck, ask for help and continue your journey. If you get stuck again, ask for more help and resume your journey again. I repeat, travel as far as you can see and when you get there you will see further.

If you truly have no confidence in the investing education you do already have, no worries…  I got you covered. I created a free and complete course just for you. Allow me to introduce you to your first step. Click here.

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