How to Invest

What is your investing goal? Do you even have one? Do you even know how to invest?

Unless you stated a number in the form of a monthly residual income to my first question, YOU are CONFUSED. You are trapped. You are stuck, and here’s why…

You and I were raised on a financial philosophy so insane, and so backwards, that it is guaranteed to fail. Ironically, this financial philosophy that fails without fail is called SECURITY.

I know. Totally bizarre, isn’t it?

You want it so bad. You dream about it. You work hard for it, and the pursuit of it is the financial death of you and your dreams.

how to investThink about it. To achieve “security,” is to have no debt while accumulating piles of money in accounts like 401K’s, IRA’s, annuities, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. It’s all about work, work, work and save, save, save. It’s an “accumulation mindset” that you’ve been taught as the mindset that will lead you to to security.

Security doesn’t work, and here’s why…

First, it doesn’t work because you cannot retire on “no debt.” The revered and elusive status of “no debt” produces zero income. Your personal residence, supposedly your single greatest investment in life, that you struggle to pay off every month pays you nothing. You cannot experience any sort of security by being debt-free.

Second, the piles of money that you’ve toiled over for years and years to accumulate haven’t paid you a thing, thus far. NOTHING. Your 401K after all these years has paid you nothing. Your IRA has paid you nothing. Your stocks and mutual funds have paid you nothing, if they haven’t shrunk or virtually evaporated altogether. Investments per the definition are supposed to pay you, yet these investments have yet to pay you anything.

Here’s the deal! The financial philosophy that has been ingrained in our psyche since as long as any of us can remember is based on a philosophy called “SOMEDAY.”

Someday you will be secure. Someday you will be financially free. Someday you will get to retire. Someday you will get to travel. Someday you will get to do what you want to do when you want to do it. Someday, someday, someday… Work, work, work, save, save, save during the most productive years of your life and someday you will get to enjoy it.

The philosophy of “someday” should absolutely terrify you. It should terrify you because you never get to live when life is actually happening… RIGHT NOW.

From the beginning you are told to continue working. You are told to live frugally. You are told to pay off debt. You are told to save, and save some more. You are told to do all of these things while never benefitting from your “piles of money” or your “paid-off-anythings.”

To ever experience a true benefit from any of your piles or paid off debts, you must consume it. You save it, then you consume it, and then it’s gone. You have no idea how to make it produce for you. You don’t know how to invest. Not your fault, though. You were never taught how.

You were never “taught” how to invest. You were “told” how to invest. You were told to entrust your money with human resources at your job, or to send your money to a financial planner with the hopes that they know how to invest.

By the way, financial planners are not “financially educated,” they are “sales trained.”

Good investing on your part does not consist of you sending your money to somebody else every month. Good investing consists of getting somebody else to send their money to you every month. That’s a “residual income” mindset. That’s the road to “FINANCIAL FREEDOM.”

Financial Freedom and LibertyFinancial freedom is a concept thrown around pretty loosely, but what is it actually?

Financial freedom includes “security,” but it surpasses it. Financial freedom is liberating. If security is having no debt, then financial freedom is having a residual income each and every month that is automatic. That is the goal of investing. It’s to produce enough residual income each and every month that gives you the freedom to truly be at choice.

Who would you choose to be and what would you choose to do each and every day with your life, if money were of no concern?

The first step in learning how to invest and move toward financial freedom is to stop the insanity of “Save, save, save to someday consume.” Drop the “accumulation” mindset.

The second step is to begin putting every dollar you make into something that produces and pays you each and every month. Adopt the “residual income” mindset.

That is the road to financial freedom, and that is how to invest.

This website and everything it stands for is a gift to all who are willing to receive. It’s a gift intended to shift your mindset from “security” to “freedom,” to shift your being from “consumer” to “producer,” and to transform your life from “imprisoned” to “liberated.”

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