How To Be A Real Estate Lead Generating Machine – Part Two: The Game

Now that you are laser locked on your target property type, area and price range, it’s time to flip the switch and get those real estate leads flowing.

How To Be A Real Estate Lead Generating Machine – Part One: Pre-Game

Real estate lead generation is the engine that keeps your investing business running. You must learn how to fuel your lead generation machine, and master it.

How to Create Wealth Using Debt

When President Nixon took the United States off the gold standard in 1971, debt became the economic lynchpin. Today, the world economy can only function and grow if people borrow money. This completely transformed the strategy of how to create wealth.

How to Retire by 40

Do you dream of retiring early, maybe even in your 30’s? As nice as this dream sounds, it will stay a dream for most Americans. The vast majority to be exact. The traditional retirement strategy doesn’t offer much hope for retiring early, much less any guidance on how to retire by 40. If retiring while you’re still young enough to enjoy it is one of your goals, you need to think outside the box and seriously question this conventional wisdom.

You, a Real Estate Millionaire?

What makes a successful real estate investor? It’s a tough question as people from every income bracket, level of education, and demographic have gone on to become real estate millionaires. It’s such a diverse group that doesn’t seem to have anything in common. As diverse as this group is, however… there is one thing that they all have in common.

10 Things You Must Give Up to Be a Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Real estate investing is one of the final frontiers that gives the average person a realistic opportunity of reaching millionaire status. However, regardless of the abundance of opportunity that may exist, becoming a millionaire real estate investor will forever exceed one’s grasp unless they give up ten specific things.

Real Evidence or False Evidence Appearing Real?

Fear, whether real or imagined (99.9% of it is imagined), stops people dead in their tracks preventing them from ever reaching their potential. In fact, if there’s something that you want and you don’t have it, it’s fear that stands in between you and it. Yep, you’re scared. Don’t worry, though. Here’s an easy exercise to rid yourself of any fear.

How to Pay Off Debt Using Other People’s Money

The whole how to pay off debt discussion has veered off course and most experts sharing advice for paying off debt are leading you down a dead end road. Seriously, if you had the option of paying down your accumulated debts yourself (conventional advice) or allowing someone else to pay it down (smarter advice), which would you choose? For your sake, I hope you are the unconventional type.

Which Investment Strategy Should I Choose?

“Which real estate investment strategy should I choose?” is a question I get frequently. Should I do short sales? Should I do fix and flips? Should I do REOs? Should I do buy and holds? These are the types of questions that often find their way to my inbox, through my over-the-phone-coaching and at my live events. There are several investment strategies within real estate of which to choose that it’s understandable picking the right one for you can be difficult. Maybe this will help?

How to Become a Millionaire

According to author Kenneth Fisher’s book, there are ten roads of how to become a millionaire. Or, more specifically per the title of his book, there are Ten Roads to Riches. After reading his book and learning how the wealthy got there, I left with an assured feeling of what I’m doing with my real estate investing is the right thing. Not only was investing in real estate one of those roads to riches, it was clearly the easiest road. So, if you’re wondering how to become a millionaire… investing in real estate provides the best odds.

To become a millionaire in real estate investing, there are four stages one must progress through. The first stage is…

A Quick Tip for Real Estate Investors

From a recent survey, when 100 millionaire real estate investors were asked “Where do most of your deals come from?” It was revealed that 86% percent of all their deals came from just four sources!

Financial Freedom – How to Finally Get It!

Have you been working at this “financial freedom” thing for a while? Want to know how to finally get it? If you are ready to leave behind failing ideologies and shift your thinking, you’ve got a chance. Ready? Let’s get started on the true path to financial freedom.

How to Invest ‘Subject To’ and Overcome the “Due on Sale” Clause

How to invest ‘Subject to’? is a question that puzzles many investors, especially when it comes to beating the “due on sale” clause. The answer to the question “how to invest ‘subject to” is not a complicated one. As long as you are clear with regard to what “subject to” is, it’s not as difficult to execute as it may seem. If you know how to explain it to the seller, and what steps to take to protect you and the seller, you can use the ‘subject to’ strategy over and over with minimal risk to build your real estate portfolio.