An Open Letter to Everyone Concerned with How to Achieve Financial Freedom

53% of Americans don’t have enough money to retire, and 30% plan to work into their 80’s.

Do you PLAN to haul off to work every day at the spritely age of 83, 76, 68?

Do you WANT to live on 50% of what you’re accustomed to now?

Do you look forward to WORRYING about having enough money, working harder, longer, or possibly forever?

If you answered NO to any of those questions then you need to WAKE UP and realize that…

Everything you’ve ever been taught about how to achieve financial freedom is FATALLY FLAWED.

Tell me, does this guideline sound familiar?

  1. Go to school.
  2. Get a job.
  3. Save money.
  4. Buy a house.
  5. Invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.
  6. Pay off your debt.
  7. Max out your 401k or IRA.
  8. Retire, golf, garden and saunter into your golden years happily living off your savings.


Well guess what? IT DOESN’T WORK ANYMORE.


financial freedom can be yours by breaking free from the normHere’s why: That system assumes you work for your money until you’ve SAVED enough to live on. A distant day that might never come.

It gives you a sense of SECURITY, when really you’re walking a tight rope of uncertainty over a fiery pit of hot magma.

That mentality doesn’t put money in your pocket unless you work for it. It doesn’t teach you to have money working FOR YOU. It doesn’t pay you ANYTHING now.

When is life happening?

Right now, right?

Let me ask you, has your retirement account paid you? How about your mortgage, is it putting cash in your pocket? Can you, with a straight face say that your ‘high yield’ savings account at .9% PAYS you? You CAN’T LIVE ON less than 1% annual interest.

Don’t you want your money to grow? Or are you satisfied knowing that you’ll live on less than you’re accustomed to, and will quite possibly have to work far longer than you planned?

Or even worse, are you HOPING that SOMEDAY it’ll pan out?

The someday syndrome will have you gliding into your golden years saying, ‘Someday I’ll be able to retire and spend time with the people I love.’ The dilemma is, Someday never comes for the vast majority of the population, and when I say “vast majority” I mean specifically 97% of the population

Wouldn’t you like FREEDOM? Wouldn’t you like TIME? Wouldn’t you like a life free of MONEY WORRIES? Of course you would, those are silly rhetorical questions. An additional question I’d like you to seriously consider, however, is WHEN do you want those things?

“Someday,” or Right now?

Imagine right now that you have money coming to you, every month, without having to trade your hourly effort for it.

What would your life look like right now if you had a predictable paycheck automatically delivered to you whether you worked or not?

It’s possible. And more than possible it’s how the wealthiest people became that way. Wealthy people don’t trade their time for money; their money makes them money, and yours can too. Right now!

Save, save, save is no longer a valid approach to achieving financial freedom [Read more as to specifically why it no longer works]. At best, that “saving approach” delivers a false sense of security.

Everything changed for me, and almost overnight, when I stopped focusing on making and saving money and started focusing on creating “cash flow.”

road to financial freedomThe best gift I can give you today is to share a proven ROAD MAP that will guide you from FALSE SECURITY to FREEDOM. It will teach you to PRODUCE PAYING ASSETS instead of stockpiling money. It’s a step-by-step process of how to achieve financial freedom leading you down the road of RESIDUAL INCOME and off the HOURLY HIGHWAY.

I can show you how to do it yourself here, or I can do it for you here.

The majority of people die fulfilling less than half of their dreams.

But that won’t be you…will it?

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