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The Capitalist – Friend or Foe?


The first step to mending this financial crisis is a magnificent dose of financial education. Without it, we are headed down the same path that no longer leads to a happy ending. By training the future generations how to be generous capitalists – the only kind of true capitalist – the economic climate will begin to heal. But in order to train the future, the education starts now, with you.

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Cash or Cash Flow Your Way to Wealth?

how to invest for cash flow

There was a time when working for money, saving, retiring, and living off the interest of your savings account was possible. But today, money is no longer money. Working harder for paper money without converting it into economic assets is like diving without an oxygen tank – you might be fine for a while, but eventually you’re going to run out of air. So, what to do?

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Which Investing Srategy is the Riskiest?

how to invest without risk

Most people think investing is risky because they lack the education and experience to mitigate the risk, and therefore, for them, investing is very risky. What’s funny, and not so much in a ha-ha way, is most people who invest their money rely on someone else to do it for them in the least controllable and therefore riskiest asset class, paper, because they haven’t become financially educated enough to invest in asset classes, or formulate their own investing strategy, that offer more control.

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How to Create Wealth Using Debt

When President Nixon took the United States off the gold standard in 1971, debt became the economic lynchpin. Today, the world economy can only function and grow if people borrow money. This completely transformed the strategy of how to create wealth.

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The Truth About Taxes and How Wealth is Created

taxe deductions

If financial freedom and building wealth are of any importance to you, then understanding tax structure is a non-negotiable. Taxes, representing up to 50% of your lifetime’s income, are a required area of focus with regard to how wealth is created. Tax laws are not only set up as a governmental revenue stream, but also to incentivize individuals to contribute to what the government wants done: such as job creation, housing, and aligning with their social and environmental policies. This is why tax deductions for big business and investors are so prolific. But in order to take advantage of the tax laws as they exist, you first need to understand the ideology behind their structure.

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Creating Financial Freedom with Book Smarts or Street Smarts?

Tell me, who do you think stands a better chance of safe passage through a dark alley alone? John, the stockbroker who’s read several books on self-defense and the art of the ancient samurai but has never thrown a punch, or Tim, who barely graduated high school, but has walked himself home through the streets […]

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Finally the Greatest Real Estate Minds on the Planet Reveal the Truth about Success in Real Estate

Contrary to seemingly common sense, there isn’t a whole lot that the greatest real estate minds have in common. You can find successful real estate investors from all demographics, education levels, and training backgrounds. However, the top real estate investors all have one thing in common when it comes to their success in real estate: they all follow a very similar investing system. While the technical details of each system can be different, they all focus on three key areas when selecting their investments.

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An Early Retirement Plan, and Not Another Tall Fable

After so many years of work, it would be tragic for you to fall short of the perfect retirement. I mean that would be an absolute shame, and sadly it is the reality for 95% of the population. But! It doesn’t have to be. Change one thing just one time and you can enjoy an early retirement.

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How to Retire by 40

How to Retire Early

Do you dream of retiring early, maybe even in your 30’s? As nice as this dream sounds, it will stay a dream for most Americans. The vast majority to be exact. The traditional retirement strategy doesn’t offer much hope for retiring early, much less any guidance on how to retire by 40. If retiring while you’re still young enough to enjoy it is one of your goals, you need to think outside the box and seriously question this conventional wisdom.

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You, a Real Estate Millionaire?

real estate millionaire

What makes a successful real estate investor? It’s a tough question as people from every income bracket, level of education, and demographic have gone on to become real estate millionaires. It’s such a diverse group that doesn’t seem to have anything in common. As diverse as this group is, however… there is one thing that they all have in common.

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The Escape Clause No Real Estate Investing Contract Should Be Without

escape from bad real estate investments

As with most things in life, and real estate investing is no exception, the one in control has the upper hand. By submitting an offer and getting a property under contract even prior to having every last detail figured out puts you in the driver’s seat. That’s where the most successful real estate investors strive to be, and quite frankly… that’s where YOU need to be!

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10 Things You Must Give Up to Be a Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Real estate investing is one of the final frontiers that gives the average person a realistic opportunity of reaching millionaire status. However, regardless of the abundance of opportunity that may exist, becoming a millionaire real estate investor will forever exceed one’s grasp unless they give up ten specific things.

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Real Evidence or False Evidence Appearing Real?

Fear, whether real or imagined (99.9% of it is imagined), stops people dead in their tracks preventing them from ever reaching their potential. In fact, if there’s something that you want and you don’t have it, it’s fear that stands in between you and it. Yep, you’re scared. Don’t worry, though. Here’s an easy exercise to rid yourself of any fear.

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