The Essential Items to Get When Moving Into Your Own Place

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One of the most exciting parts of being an adult is getting your own place. It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge place or a quaint space, what matters is that it’s yours. But you’ll find it difficult to enjoy independent living if you brought all the wrong things to your new lodgings.

Your huge plasma TV and gaming console keep you entertained, but can those keep your food cold so that they don’t go bad? Can your awesome beanbags give you enough space to lie down comfortably after a long day? There are some things that all living spaces need to become livable.

Take a good look at the following, and check if you have them before splurging on amenities rather than necessities.

Kitchen Essentials

Whether you’re renting a home in Kansas City or a studio apartment in Los Angeles, you shouldn’t forget to buy kitchen appliances. Even if you plan on living on nothing but take-out or pizza deliveries, you’ll still need cutlery and flatware to eat out of. You could also make life easier for yourself by getting a refrigerator where you can store leftovers for later. Of course, unless you’re fine with eating cold pizza or calzones you should also buy something to reheat your food in, like a microwave or an oven toaster.

Only acquire electric stoves, pots, and pans if you plan on cooking meals yourself. However, you should make sure that you have a can opener and a bottle opener since these tools are always handy in the kitchen.

Bedroom Needs

Your new bedroom must have a mattress where you can sleep on. If you don’t have the resources to buy a quality mattress, you can make do with an air mattress or a futon for the time being. You’ll also need to get at least two sets of bedsheets to keep your mattress clean and comfortable. You don’t have to buy a lot of pillows for now, but you should at least have a couple of pillows. Unless your new living space is warm, get a couple of blankets for those chilly nights.

Your clothes and other garments will need storage space, so buy a dresser or similar container to keep them in. These containers may be as affordable as a plastic bin from an office supply store to a complicated do-it-yourself standing dresser. A few hangers will keep important clothes wrinkle-free.

Bathroom Basics

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Never neglect essential bathroom items. Aside from your basic toiletries (bath soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo), stock your bathroom with two towels, so you can alternate when washing the other, and two hand towels. Getting a shower curtain will keep your bathroom floor free from slippery splashes, keeping the space cleaner. You should also place your cleaning supplies in the bathroom, so get a toilet plunger and brush, as well as trash bags and trash can. Finally, never forget to have enough toilet paper for your hygienic needs.

To have your own place is a milestone of maturity. You’re responsible for the condition of your new lodgings, even if you’re only renting it. Filling it up with the essential items is a great way to start your journey of living on your own.

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