Selling Your Home Quickly Without Regret: A Guide

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New HomeSelling a home quickly can be challenging. Making your house more attractive and getting help from professionals are just a few key steps to take in securing a good deal when selling a home on short notice.

Your home is perhaps one of the biggest single investments you’ve ever made in your life, and often the idea of ever having to sell it is an afterthought, to say nothing of having to do it very quickly. But life gets in the way, and sometimes you may find yourself with the need to liquidate your longtime investment, be it because you’re moving elsewhere or really could use the money.

In general, selling a home can be one of the most stressful events in your life, with the complexities that are tied to finding and comparing buyers and securing the necessary paperwork. Home selling, as most people know, needs to be methodical specifically because it represents such a huge investment. The stress of what compels you to sell—be it a medical emergency, potential foreclosure, or a new job elsewhere, or other pressing concerns—often compounds to that.

When it comes to selling your home on short notice, it pays to receive all the help you can get.

Do Your Homework

The need to sell your home quickly is no excuse to ignore your research. It pays to not only have an understanding of your home’s current market value but also on the nature of the market, which can be in your favor.

You might think “I want to sell my house fast” is a compelling enough reason to settle, but it shouldn’t be. In Speedway and other rising real estate markets, your home should be worth at least its market price or close, and just because you can’t sit on it doesn’t mean you have to immediately give into the first buyer with an offer. Try to get multiple offers at once and choose the best one.

Spruce Things Up

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Even if you intend to sell your home quickly, it pays to make it attractive to any potential buyer. Depending on how much time you have before you intend to sell, you might have enough time to go through a few maintenance chores to make your home less of a fixer-upper. Take advantage of whatever time you have to improve your home’s appearance from the inside out.

Spruce up the front of the home to boost its curb appeal, which can help boost up its selling price. Don’t try anything too fancy if you don’t have the time; just take the effort to ensure that everything looks nice to make a good impression on the buyers. Likewise, fix up the interiors and catch up on the necessary repairs. Even the simplest repairs can boost your home’s value and make it more attractive to buyers; even a home that’s a bit lived-in is often a good deal if it didn’t have a lot of repairs in line.

Sweeten the pot

Besides positioning your home at a price similar to or slightly lower than the homes in your area, you should also try to add a few perks to the deal. Offer something that the other homes do not, such as paying closing costs or providing transferable warranty on the home’s appliances.

Get Help

Going the “for sale by owner” route is a risky gambit and not one you’d like to take when selling your home on short notice is your first time. Seek assistance from an agent or a reputable home buyer to get assistance in getting a fair price for your home.

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