Living Large: How to Transform Small Spaces

Kitchen and living room

“Home is where the heart is,” as the saying goes, but what if the place you call home is a small space? Would you still call this place your home? You should. No matter how small a house space is, you can make it look better with a few changes.

The Look

Before anything else, property maintenance of your North Bay home should come first. Paint your walls if it’s already chipped. A new coat of paint especially in white, will give your home the illusion it’s big. Having a brighter base color will let your pieces of furniture stand out. Additionally, it will give a light and airy ambiance to your home.

You can separate colors for each space. This is a foolproof way to give differentiation for each of your home space since the area is small. You can play with bright, pastel, and nude colors for each space.

When choosing pieces of furniture, you should go for big ones. You might ask, “Why choose big furnishings in small spaces?” The reason for this is that tiny pieces can make spaces appear smaller. To add, bigger pieces can hide things like cable box and wires.

Additionally, when using furnishings, choose multi-purpose pieces like a daybed. This can serve as a guest bed, too. You can also use floating tables so your small area can be maximized. Areas can be multi-purpose as well. For example, the sitting area can also be your dining area. You just need the right pieces to serve its purpose.

Another thing worth mentioning is to keep your space clean. Too much clutter can make it look smaller. You can adopt a mantra of getting rid of pieces you own when you want to buy a new piece.

Another way to maximize your space is to have a window sitting area. The area near the window is often a neglected area. Create warmth by utilizing smaller chairs and a table with a flower arrangement. The light from the window can give an instant glow to the area.

Decorative Pieces

living room with plants and canvas

Make your ceiling appear taller by hanging wall paintings or other frames “above eye level.” Aside from that, you can use a movable bar. This doesn’t have to be a large piece. You only need to put some bottled beverages as well as a shelf for an icebox, some glasses, and towels.

On the other hand, you can organize hats by using a rack that you can place at the backside of your closet. This is not only to maximize space, but also to clear up clutter. By doing so, you put things together and it’s easier to find them this way.

If you don’t have a garden, you can make a vertical planter. This won’t take too much floor space but you can still have your piece of greenery. You can also opt to buy if you’re not into building things.

Like the vertical garden, you can also maximize space by using hanging wall storage. It’s versatile storage. You can use it to hang things like a scarf, hair bows, or accessories.

Your style and comfort don’t have to suffer because you live in a small space. With ingenuity, you can have an amazing home. Be bold enough to take risks and have the home of your dreams. The results will be far greater than the risks.

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