Survival Guide: Life After College


Life after college graduation sure gets more exciting. But are you prepared? The excitement comes with a share of obstacles to overcome.

Of course, there’s the need to find a job first. You need to generate some income to get to that liberating part of being able to spend on everything you want and need, including paying for a 1 br apartment for rent in Jacksonville, FL. You also need to learn how to live independently, how to mingle with other adults, especially in your workplace, and how to be the responsible adult everyone expects you to be.

But don’t let the pressure get to your nerves. You have to keep a clear mind, as much as possible, to understand what you have to do to steer your life in the direction you envision it to go.

Find a Job that You Love, Aligned with your Passions and Your Educational Background

With the saturated job market, it is not as easy to find a job, moreso a job that will align with your interests and your educational background. But it would not hurt to try. No matter how difficult or challenging it could be, look for a job that will not only sustain you financially but professionally and personally as well.

One of the common mistakes fresh college grads make is enlisting in what they call a ‘survival job’ just so they could have a paycheck. Do not put too much pressure on yourself and be engulfed with your worries that you will be willing to drop your ambition and what you worked hard for in the academe for many years, just so you could keep up with your bills. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your family and friends to help you survive the first months or until you are able to land that job post you always wanted.

Be the Applicant Employers Can’t Say No To

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Of course, it would be careless to put your hopes too high. At least, set your targets straight on the industry that you always wanted to belong to, and make sure you are well prepared to get in. Polish your resume, keep a close watch on the job market, try making connections in the field you are eyeing, and be that applicant your employer can’t say no to. A good stepping stone would be to enlist in part-time positions that are widely offered. That way, you will be able to grasp the working style that you can be most comfortable with as well as the kind of jobs you will truly enjoy.

If in case all your efforts do not return a good outcome, be flexible. It would not help if you panic and get too stressed. Learning how to be resilient in times that things do not go as planned is one of the best values you should develop and would arm you for the battles lined up along the way.

For sure your heart is full right now with the overwhelming demands and the actual excitement of being on your own, running your life, and following your instincts. Gain control, practice discipline, and train your focus and you will get by.

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