Putting the Focus More on Marriage

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Weddings are extraordinary events. But sometimes couples are so fixated on them. What they need to understand is that a wedding is not a new chapter of their lives. It is only the beginning of that chapter. Here are some reasons why couples must focus on what comes after the wedding, which is their marriage:

Give Time and Energy to What Is More Important

The wedding industry had seen couples being all-out with their weddings. The money spent for a day can be redirected to more important things. Starting a fund for a house and land package in West Melbourne is an excellent idea. Also, saving for a growing family can be a priority.

It is not wrong to make efforts for a special day. But it goes out of hand when it sucks all your energy. Suppliers experienced having Bridezilla moments with some clients. But at the end of the day, are all these worth it? A few years from now, will it matter if the colors of the linen and the backdrop matched perfectly?

Thus, it is more important to look ahead. Instead of arguing about your wedding details, you can start discussing “marriage” things. Examples are the division of household chores or expectations with finances. These things will help you prepare more for what is ahead.

Look Forward to More “Best Days”

happy coupleSome ladies go all crazy about the wedding details because they believe that it is the best day of their lives. Labeling your wedding as such will give injustice to your married life. Your wedding is indeed a special day. But it is not the best.

Married life is a series of best days. The first time you reconciled after a fight as a married couple. The first time you get your dream house. The first time you will hold your precious baby in your arms. These are only a few examples of those days. Do not limit yourself to having your wedding day as the best day of your life. As you grow as a married couple, you will have a collection of them.

A Chance to Live Out Your Vows

Your wedding is the time that you exchange your vows. But these will be tested and lived out once the wedding is over. Focusing on the wedding might get you disillusioned when hard time hits. You will always pine for that perfect and carefree day.

But marriage is not that. No marriage is perfect and not a walk in the park. Thus, you must prepare yourself for both the good and the bad. By all means, celebrate your wedding well. Just do not forget to take off the rose-colored glasses once it is done. Commit to hard work. Accept the “for worse” part of the vow. You will witness a lot of negative things. Some of which are illnesses, a job loss, or a string of misunderstandings. You must remember to stand beside your spouse until you overcome them.

Your wedding day will always be memorable for you. But it must not hinder you from looking at the bigger picture. A lifetime is more important than a single day.

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