Increasing Your Home’s Value in 3 Easy Steps

adding value to your house

Are you planning to move out of your house and transfer into another state? There is only one way forward, and that is to sell your house. But before you do so, wouldn’t you want to have more than the bucks you expect? Increasing your home’s value is not something you can do overnight. It requires regular maintenance and even a major rehaul in some cases. However, this article will tell you how you can do that without breaking the bank.

Putting your house in listings is a typical and ideal move homeowners do when they find themselves moving to another city and needing emergency funds. Even when people simply want to let go of some of their properties, putting them in listings is a wise decision. However, the preparation is not that simple. Think of it this way. When you go to Google and search for “houses for sale” or “mortgage broker near me,” the first thing you consider is whether the place you are eyeing is worth it. Potential buyers always scrutinize the place first before making any decision. You need to set a good impression with the house you are selling, and you can do that by improving your home one last time to increase its value.

Invest in Your Kitchen

You might not have anticipated this, but over 70% of potential buyers say the kitchen is the most crucial aspect of a house. Understandably, the kitchen is the heart of any home. It is where food is made, meals are shared, and memories are created. Even interior design trends today allow homeowners to receive guests in the kitchen. Imagine talking to your guests while you show off your baking skills. Also, interior plans make kitchens as spacious as possible to accommodate more cooking appliances.

Needless to say, you need to invest in your kitchen the most before moving out. Make it as pleasant and spacious as possible. Check your woodwork and cupboards. Do they need some repairing and refurbishing? How about your kitchen counter? Consider replacing it with a marble slab, as it is usually the focal point of any kitchen. If the counter looks impressive and sturdy, the rest will fall into the background. Lastly, do not forget the technicalities such as electrical and pipework. No matter how much you redesign your kitchen, things will be all for nothing if its function falters.

Regrout Your Tiles

What do you usually see first when entering someone’s house? Perhaps their furniture, curtains, or even the ceiling, but what really sets the tone for every home is the flooring. You may not notice it, but have you ever gone to someone’s house where the wooden floor is all creaky and unstable? That probably gave you the impression that the whole house is a sitting duck for termites. As for tiled flooring, cracked and dirty ceramics will give you the impression that the house was neglected. Now, would you want to buy that kind of house?

Regrouting your tiles is something you can do to avoid setting the wrong impression. Sure, tiled floors also age, and their grout can be washed out or chipped off the plating over time. That is why regrouting is essential if you want to bring back your flooring’s luster. Furthermore, you do not have to hire regrouting services to do this; you can do it yourself. Clean your tiles properly, make sure you get every stain off, and apply the grout paste yourself. It is akin to applying cement to wall crevices. You can do it.

Leave the Appliances and Furniture You Don’t Need

The last thing on our list is a bonus tip not everyone else knows. As you are moving out of your house into a new one, there is no possible way to need every appliance or furniture you bought for this house. For example, you are from Florida and moving to the Minnesota tundra. Indeed, you won’t need your backyard lounge set.

See, home buyers love freebies, just like anyone else. Who says no to freebies? There are even times when consumers are driven to buy something right away because of the limited-time offers. Think about it. Potential home buyers will happily jump into the same freebie offer you can provide.

Final Thoughts

Increasing your home value is not just about the extra funds you will get. It is also about making sure you are handing your house down to people who see its worth. You will leave the city knowing the new homeowners will take care of your investment, too.

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