Decorating After Relocation: Essentials for Your Next Home Décor


Since its onset, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed most Americans to relocate. Fast forward to today, its aftermath is still very much present in our lives that resulted in many of us reshaping our goals and priorities. Thus, finding a more affordable house and lot package to live in is understandable, especially if doing so can offer opportunities to improve our personal, professional, and financial health.

However, homeownership doesn’t end by signing the papers and unpacking your valuables. Moving to a new place can be an exciting chapter in one’s life, but it can also be demanding, especially when you start decorating. But, while we may have different preferences, there are a few essentials that we can all agree on to achieve the right balance and aesthetic we wish for our sanctuary.

Thus, equipping yourself with this home design know-how can help you go a long way.

Colors Matter


Contrary to popular belief, home design requires more than knowing how many rooms you have and how you want each one to function. Instead, it is an art that integrates our inner self and overall personality to create a more meaningful and profound reflection of who we are. Thus, incorporating creativity into the exterior and interiors of your home is one of the most crucial things you need to consider before moving in.

This is especially true as you’ll have to live with this theme for quite a while, so you need to make a conscious decision as it can either make or break your space. For one, choosing the ideal color combination can help set the tone, ambiance, and personal aesthetics that you are aiming for. Additionally, it can help boost one’s mood and significantly impact one’s overall performance, affecting physical and mental health.

For example, colors in a warmer spectrum such as orange, red, and yellow create an energizing vibe and bring happiness to one’s day; thus, they are more recommended around the kitchen, dining room, and living area. On the other hand, cooler and softer tones such as white, blue, and green can create the illusion of a bigger space and give it a more inviting and calmer aura; thus, they are best placed where the bedrooms and bathrooms are.

Furthermore, incorporating neutral colors to your floors, ceilings, and walls can help brighten up the room and help you find home accessories that can effortlessly complement one another. If you want to draw attention to certain parts of the house without overwhelming your designs, consider adding an accent wall to your receiving areas, such as guest rooms and living rooms. This is also an affordable way of bringing dull spaces into exciting ones without breaking the bank; it would be best to use it to your advantage.

However, ensure to avoid highly toxic materials that can harm your indoor air quality and affect your overall health. These chemicals may cause respiratory problems, cancer, liver damage, and central nervous system issues. Hence, make a habit of researching and checking in on each label and product content before implementing these changes.

Know the Floor Plan Before Investing in Furniture

While you may want to bring with you your old home equipment or purchase that dining table you’ve been eyeing for months, it would be best to know your floor measurements first to avoid splurging that may lead to regrets and poor decisions later on. Then, as a general rule, take time to visit your new place and work with professionals to help you plan the ideal materials that would fit in those spaces. For example, large bookshelves and bulky entertainment components can easily overpower limited spaces, whereas skimpy accessories can look out-of-place in bigger ones.

It is also a great idea to include your floor-to-ceiling measurements to prepare for elements you may want to incorporate. Knowing your window spaces would also come in handy when you start planning for coverings and curtains to help you with the changing weather and climate. Lastly, remember to know the dimensions of each entry and exit point of the house to help you adjust when bringing in your furniture later on.

Final Thoughts

Moving to places with greener pastures can be both beneficial and overwhelming, regardless of whether you’re renting or settling on a permanent home. It is a continuous process that needs your undivided attention and meticulous planning, especially in stitching its desired look and ensuring it doesn’t wear out fast. This is a crucial stage that can make or break your safe space; thus, preparing and planning can give you a far better chance of success.

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