Bringing the Fun in Your Bathroom Through Colors

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When it comes to painting certain areas of the house, living rooms and bedrooms are usually the more straightforward projects. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, and yet you can expect beautiful results. Bathrooms, on the other hand, are a different project entirely. There are many factors to consider other than the right colours on the walls. Bathrooms are small, get wet regularly, and receive a lot of foot traffic – all these factors should be taken into consideration to achieve the most beneficial results.

Be mindful of the colour choices, surface preparation, and the overall painting process as well as the final touches to complete the look.

Now, when picking the right paint colour for this space, it’s easy for many homeowners to try something unconventional. After all, if you’ve chosen a property among the house and land packages in Donnybrook that’s off the beaten path and screams modern, you’d want the same to reflect in the interiors. Besides, with the bathroom, you won’t have to think about making everything look coordinated just like you would with your living room or bedroom. However, there are still some essential guidelines you should be aware of. Here are some of them:

The Right Paint

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Because bathrooms have plenty of water sources, these areas will always remain wet. No matter how much you try to avoid it, water will eventually get mixed up with your paint. To address this issue, manufacturers came up with paints that are specific for bathrooms, which contain mould-inhibiting agents as well as moisture-resistant properties. Now, if you’re not into getting special bathroom paint, you may still need to splurge a little bit on the brand of paint.

While more affordable colours may contain the same pigment makeup as the pricier options, they don’t have the same amount of solids. So, when it comes to buying paint, it’s better to go with higher quality, often more expensive colours not only for more solids but for better durability as well.

Colours to Avoid

Many designers suggest avoiding gold beige in the bathroom. Not only does this colour scream outdated, but it also won’t go well with current tile designs and colours. So, experts recommend going for a shade that complements their existing tile and countertop setup. Also, because bathrooms are enclosed spaces, try to avoid muddy colours that will only leave the area looking even smaller.

Excellent choices include spring greens and powder blues. Hunter green and inky navy can work great as well. If you have more than one bathroom in your home, it may seem like the perfect opportunity to explore other options when it comes to colour palettes. However, keep in mind that for this area, sometimes it’s better to give priority on the function instead of form.

Do not forget the real purpose of this space. For example, a powder room can be the perfect space for darker, bolder colours. Now, for bathrooms that your children will use, consider going for colours that are bright and fun — orange and teal for the walls and vanity.

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