6 Strategic Advantages of Living in BGC for the Practical Planner


Carving out your corner within Bonifacio Global City is a dream for most. It’s a sprawling space filled with all kinds of things that scream life and energy. As most aspire to move to this haven for its luxuries, the rest latches their aspiration on strategic benefits.

Indeed, living in a luxury condo in BGC will have as much positive impact on your privileges as it will to your daily strategies. Here are six reasons moving to BGC is a tactical decision for daily hustlers.

Well-planned city structure

The way BGC has benefitted from proper urban planning doesn’t just look easy on the eyes but yields certain practical advantages, as well.

First, the lack of fairly dangerous power poles and vulnerable plumbing system greatly reduces the odds of pedestrian accidents and utility outages. BGC’s signature flood control systems also prevent inconvenient flooding. Moreover, the city’s structure helps a great deal towards efficient waste management. All these benefits say one thing: the less the hassle, the easier life can proceed.

Efficient traffic supervision

Speaking of an efficient city structure, BGC gets ahead by having traffic personnel to keep their roads running smoothly. It offers public transportation through economical public buses. Pedestrian lanes are abundant and are compassionate to both pedestrians and bikers. More importantly, BGC’s strict traffic regulations ensure that no motorist is above the law.

Being able to predict your route due to efficient traffic schemes seems like a sound strategy for anyone.

Favorable business policies

In BGC, work can translate to anything — from fast-moving consumer goods to art trade — all thanks to the city’s amenable tax rates and general ease of conducting business.

This bodes well for both the businessman and the white-collar worker. BGC doesn’t only make it less painful to pitch a business, but it’s also thriving with work opportunities that cater to a broad range of skills.

Convenience in every corner

If you’re the type to clutch a daily planner that’s always full of agenda, then a city that has everything should make you grin. With venues of convenience strategically located near places of work — convenience stores, banks and ATMs, supermarkets, and satellite government offices —, running your errand can now be done in a heartbeat. Now you can use the time to accomplish more important things.

Apartment buildingRange of economical choices

Here’s a concern most prudent people carry — isn’t staying in BGC costly? If you’re used to saving every cent, then BGC should be an exciting scavenger hunt for you. That is, you only need to look in the right places to save money. There are lots of affordable places to eat at and nooks that offer the lowest rates on goods and services without compromising quality. Spend a day around town, and see how much you save.

Higher networking quality

Here’s where strategy matters the most. As the bustling business district that it is, BGC offers its dwellers all kinds of connection you can’t make anywhere else. People from various work backgrounds, skills, passions, and cultures come here to stake their claim to the city, and with the right push, you could be creating something game-changing with the best of them.

If you’re a vigorous go-getter, then BGC should be less like a destination and more like a vehicle that can take you to where you truly want to be in life.

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