A Property of Your Own: What You Need to Check When its Raw Land

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When looking at lands or properties for sale, you want a piece of property that will fulfil your dreams and wishes for a dream house; the needs of your growing family; or, the kind of environment that gives you the peace you want.

Sometimes the location is not enough to help you find a place that will suit all three. You might find a place that is close to your dream job, but it may not be suitable for a small family. There are great places where you can enjoy the peace and solitude, but it may not be the best for career growth.

All homeowners need to make this choice, and most of the time, these are the things they need to consider when they want to buy a piece of land. Whether you want to buy a new property or land for sale in Donnybrook in Victoria, Australia, keep these points in mind when considering the property you intend to buy.

Check nearby Facilities and Amenities

It’s important to ensure that your property is accessible to important amenities and facilities. Hospitals, schools, post offices, and police stations should be accessible, and there should be entertainment and recreation facilities such as sports centres, shops and boutiques.

Consider the different routes and means of transport you need to get into the city. There should be train stations, bus stops, and even an airport that could help you move from one place to another. If you have a vehicle, make sure that it suits the terrain and the possible activities you need to use it.

Zoning Restrictions

Check the zoning restrictions of the area where you want to buy the property. You need this to determine the possible developments near your property, whether it will remain a suburb or develop into a town full of promising attractions.

The possible zoning restrictions are residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, rural and historical. It is better to choose land that is simply residential and commercial-zoned, so there would be great financial possibilities for your land investment.

If the area is commercially zoned, it allows the construction of business facilities. This includes office buildings, shopping centres, dance clubs, and hotels.

Natural Environment

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Research the history of the property and consider the background of each area. Consider also the risks of bushfires and flooding. If your land experiences hot and dry weather most of the time, it is easier to for fires to start. It is advisable to purchase land that is far from bushlands and other overgrown areas. You should check the Bushfire Attack Level of the area and look for a reliable source of historical data.

For flooding, check your land’s geology and determine if it is inside a flood zone. Look at the previous year’s data as well, to gauge how safe your land will be in the future.

It can be easy to get caught up in looking at your prospective land’s properties and focusing on the advantages. However, new property owners should exercise care and weigh their options carefully. It is important to consider the factors above and avoid making hasty decisions. This can help reduce regrettable purchases in the future.

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