Which Entry Door Material Is the Best?

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As the main entrance to a person’s home, the front door is in charge of keeping the interior safe and giving guests a good first impression. Although that sounds like a lot of pressure for a front door, it’s something a good one can take. A front door made of quality material will last for a long time and be capable of withstanding extreme weather changes. Where there is the function, there should also be form.  It has to look good and match the style of the home, which is important for first impressions.

Not much thought is often given to what an entry door’s material should be. Wood, PVC, and steel seem to be good options to choose from. But each has its own set of pros and cons that should be studied before reaching the final decision. For inspiration on lovely entryways and front yard landscaping, consult Wissler’s Homes for insight.


It goes without saying that wood is a classic. Wood is a common material for entry doors, usually pine, maple, mahogany, or oak. It’s a popular choice for many reasons, mostly because it’s highly customizable. But beauty comes with a price, as customized doors tend to cost more. Most entry doors are made of solid wood for insulation and durability, which are good for security and energy-saving purposes.

The downside to this beautiful material is that it warps or swells over time due to external elements, especially when exposed to humidity. To prevent this, the door should be resealed every couple of years. Some retouches on paint or stain will be needed too. With that in mind, you have to do some care and maintenance to keep it looking and working fine.


Woodgrain is a lovely look, but with it comes issues that concern its durability. Fiberglass is a great alternative to wood if durability is a concern. It gives a wood-like appearance you want from real wood, and it’s low-maintenance. Additionally, it can be stained in a variety of colors to suit the homeowner’s preference.

Fiberglass doesn’t scratch, rust, rot, contract, or expand, so it’s able to keep its seamless surface for years. However, sizing and fitting is a drawback. Unless it’s a standard size, manufacturing an entry door that’ll fit the frame isn’t cost-friendly. Speaking of cost, fiberglass is one of the more expensive materials in the market.


If security is the top priority, then a steel door is the one to choose. Steel doors are stronger than wood or fiberglass doors, require less maintenance, are great at insulation, and are less costly in the long run.

However, steel doors can be scratched, dented, or rusted. They are also not cut to fit but made to fit. If the measurements were done right, this shouldn’t be a problem. Another downside is that they’re on the expensive end of the spectrum. Considering the material, that can be expected. Although they don’t warp, they are naturally good conductors. Even then, they are better at withstanding elements than other materials for entry doors.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing an Entry Door

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Since the material, insulation, maintenance, and security were already mentioned, other factors are to keep in mind. For one, there’s the hanging design. Most doors have a three-hinge system, while other have hidden hinges. It all depends on the homeowner’s preferences and style, but most of the time, exposed hinges are what most settle for.

A good basic and practice to adapt is measuring the jamb before customizing or installing a door. A jamb is a vertical surface that runs up either side of the door. Its purpose is to support the door when hung. The standard depth of a door jamb is 4 ⅝ inches, with an extra ⅛ inch considering thicker walls due to variation in stud size.

The last tip that’ll help a homeowner make all this possible is to find the right manufacturer. Someone who understands the needs, expectations, and vision of the homeowner without judgment.  Instead, they are ready to chip in their ideas, make constructive suggestions, and most importantly, value their customer’s input. A well-thought-out plan will always only be as good as its execution.

Whichever material is chosen, it should serve well in both form and function. But most of all, it should be properly maintained for the sake of long-term use and to add beauty to a home.

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