The Many Jobs in the Housing Industry

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We are asked to think about potential career choices as early as our childhood years. Often, kids pick the obvious choices like doctor or teacher. But like most of our childhood whims, these change as we grow up and gain a better understanding of the world. 

We spend years trying to figure out what it is we want to do in our lives. We do plenty of experimentation along the way. Some of us try out working in typical fields, like business or education. Others take a gamble and try out unconventional routes, like handling advertisements that say things like “buy my house in Indianapolis” or training to work with homes.

Those who are unfamiliar with professions that work tangentially with homeownership often think of common career paths, like architecture and interior decorating. But there is more to this industry than these two.

Commercial Appraiser

Commercial appraisers spend a huge part of the day in local communities to assess commercial properties. They give recommendations regarding the worth of properties based on the data they have collected during their visits. The data they have can be used either just to determine the value of the property or for tax purposes. A license is required to practice.

Construction Manager

construction worker

Construction managers are the ones tasked with supervising various projects, ranging from residential to commercial. Part of their duties include preparing the cost estimates, reporting progress to their clients, collaborating with contractors, and complying with legal requirements and safety regulations. 

Escrow Officer

Also referred to as a loan officer, an escrow officer is one of the few individuals loan applicants will have to meet with when signing up. An escrow officer often works with a bank, and their job description entails figuring out if a person is viable for a mortgage. This means reviewing their application and doing research on their background to see if their credit is worthy. 

This officer’s verification is also required for a real estate deal to push through. One of their jobs is to ensure that the buyer and seller both fulfill their obligations, and that all outstanding debts are eventually paid off.

Foreclosure Specialist

Foreclosure specialists are professionals who review any documents that have to do with the sale of every foreclosed property. These include inspection reports, appraisals, and insurance policies. They also review the documents submitted by the client, such as the mortgage payment history and any other documents that have to do with finances, like bank statements.

Leasing Consultant

One of the rental property specialists that is in charge of representing landlords during tenant interaction is a leasing consultant. Aside from speaking with potential tenants, leasing consultants also assist in viewing of properties, discussing lease terms and prices, as well as negotiating prices and conditions.

While architects and realtors are most often associated with the career opportunities found in the housing industry, it does not mean that they are the only ones available for choosing. With the right training and license, individuals have a deep pool of options to pick from if they wish to work more with homeownership.

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