Ready, Set, Condo: Three Ways to Prepare Kids for Condo Living

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Many Filipinos are discovering the rewards of raising kids in a condominium: being near top-notch schools, spending less time in traffic, having longer family bonding moments, and living tiny with fewer house duties. If you’re an aspiring condo dweller, these rewards will only come after you face the challenge of making your kids be at ease with the move.

Every relocation is tough for children, but when you’re moving to a totally new environment — not in a subdivision nor in a two-story house with a big yard, there’s so much adjustment to make. That said, here are some smart ways to prepare your children for condo living:

1. Let them know what to expect

First things first: Talk to them what exactly you’re going to do, specifically where you’re moving. The more they know, the less surprised they will be later on. This way, you can avoid shock. When you’re down to your final options of condo hunting, take them with you.

Let them see the units you’re eyeing and give them a tour of the complex. Take them to the swimming pools and the dog parks. Let them push the button on elevators. Ask them how they’re going to decorate their bedrooms.

What you’re doing is you’re giving them a foretaste of what it’s like to live in such an area. With this, living in a condo later won’t feel as strange as it might be later on. Do consider getting a condo in Makati, as property developments in this area offer a range of kid-friendly units and amenities.

2. Declutter with them

Little girl playing with toysAs early as now, your kids should know the value of getting rid of stuff. Remember that your condo won’t have as much space as you have right now, so decluttering should be your way of life from now on. But you probably already know well how deeply attached kids are when it comes to things.

According to studies, children believe that toys or blankets have life, so throwing away isn’t an option. Some things are also transitional objects, stuff that offers psychological comfort, especially at times of uncertainty. They’re especially crucial for them to keep now, as you’re moving to a new environment.

One way to address this problem and encourage decluttering is to participate in gift-giving events. When your children see that other kids are doing it, and many more kids can benefit from the gift, they’re more likely to give their stuff.

3. Teach them the dynamics of sharing

You’ll be using amenities enjoyed by other people in the condo, so your children would have to learn how to be responsible users and sharers. Now, such a trait takes years to form, but there are little ways you can start doing now to develop such.

You could play pretend, for instance. Playing bahay-bahayan with kids present different opportunities for them to take responsibility. Of course, another way is to be a good example. When you’re at a mall and you choose to keep your tiny candy wrappers in pockets, kids unconsciously pick up these behaviors.

Moving homes is a big challenge for children, especially if you’re relocating to a new environment like a condo. Take note of these tips so you can make the shift easier for them.

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