How to Keep Your Rental Property Clean and Manage Waste Effectively

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• Work closely with tenants to ensure they understand local waste management rules for disposing of their waste. 

• Professional waste management services, such as garbage and hazardous waste disposal companies, can help manage trash and comply with laws.

• Consider renting a dumpster for larger waste disposal tasks or to make tenant move-outs easier. 

• Stay current with local garbage pickup regulations, container size, and hazardous material disposal. 

For rental property owners, managing waste can be a tricky proposition. Between cleaning up after tenants move out and keeping up with your local waste management regulations, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep your rental property clean and manage waste effectively. Here’s a look at some of the best ways to keep your rental property spotless and compliant with local laws.

Work With Your Tenants

The most important step you can take as a rental property owner is to work closely with your tenants regarding waste management. Ensure each tenant understands the rules about what is allowed in the garbage disposal.

If you live in an area where recycling is mandatory, ensure each tenant knows to separate their trash from recyclables. You should also provide garbage bags or containers, so they have an appropriate disposal method. Here are other ways you can work with your tenants for better waste management:

  • Regularly inspect dumpsters and trash cans. Ensure tenants are using them appropriately and not dumping items that could cause a safety hazard or be against local laws.
  • Encourage tenants to take ownership of their waste management with regular reminders about sorting recyclables, properly bagging their trash, and disposing of waste in the correct areas.
  • Ensure tenants know who to contact for specific questions about their local waste management regulations or how to dispose of certain items.

Use Professional Waste Management Services

Having professionals manage your rental property’s waste can save you time, money, and frustration. Professional waste management services are experts at disposing of all types of trash, from general household garbage to hazardous materials like batteries. Here are some of the professionals that can help you with managing your waste:

Garbage Collection Companies

You can hire a garbage collection company if you don’t have a dumpster or want someone else to take care of your regular waste removal. They will be able to provide you with the necessary containers for waste and regularly come to pick up your trash.

Recycling Centers

Your local recycling center can help you sort and dispose of any recyclables from your rental property. They will provide information about what is recyclable in your area and drop-off times. Additionally, they can provide additional services, such as composting or reuse programs.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Companies

If you have any hazardous materials or chemicals that need to be disposed of safely and legally, such as paint or old batteries, you must hire a hazardous waste disposal company. They are familiar with local and federal rules for disposing of hazardous materials. They can help you safely eliminate them without causing environmental damage.

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Rental Waste Disposal Bins

If your rental property produces large amounts of waste regularly, it may be worth investing in a commercial-grade waste disposal bin or dumpster for short-term use. These dumpsters for rent are great for managing large amounts of waste, such as during a tenant move-out or remodel. They are great for removing large bulky items that can’t be disposed of with regular garbage pickup.

Stay Informed About Local Regulations

It’s important to stay informed about your area’s local regulations governing waste management and disposal. Many cities have specific requirements for how and when certain items, such as hazardous wastes like paint or motor oil, should be disposed of. Ensure you know the rules so you and your tenants follow them correctly. Here are the common regulations to look into:

Trash and Garbage Pickup Schedules

These schedules are usually provided by your local government and show when regular garbage pickup days are in your area. Knowing these schedules can help you ensure tenants dispose of their regular waste on the right day.

Limits on the size of Garbage Bags or Containers

In some cities, there are limits on the size of garbage bags and containers that can be used for regular weekly pickup. For instance, some cities may have a weight limit of 50 pounds per bag, while others may require that all containers are no larger than 32 gallons.

Properly managing rental property waste is a big responsibility. However, by following the steps, you can ensure that you and your tenants follow all the rules. A clean and orderly rental property also presents a better image to your tenants, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

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