Hygge Your Home: The Danish Art of Cosiness in the Middle of Winter

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Game of Thrones may be over, but winter is still coming to Australia. The cold and grey winter doesn’t have to mean a drab indoor life, though. With the long, cold nights making you crave the comfort of a roaring fire, the Danish art of hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) may be just what you’re looking for.

There’s no direct translation for the Danish word, but people have equated this to a feeling of being content and cosy—exactly what you need this winter. Coming from the Danes who thrive in the cold weather and are constantly hailed as the happiest people in the world, you know that this concept is a significant, effective one.

This coming winter, channel the concept of hygge and achieve maximum cosiness at home by doing the following:

Set the mood with candles and a roaring fire

Candles are a key ingredient in creating a comfortable atmosphere and candlelight instantly makes spaces feel more intimate. It’s even better if you choose to light one with a seasonal scent. Then, light your fireplace to add literal warmth to your space. There’s nothing cosier than being huddled by the fire with the soft glow of candles around you.

Bring the outdoors in

When you buy house and land packages in Donnybrook, Victoria, you’ll have plenty of yard space. However, you can’t really fully enjoy this during the winter because of the snow and cold. So, why not bring the outdoors in by keeping indoor plants around your home? Several studies throughout the years have shown how nature makes people happier and more relaxed, something that you need in the midst of drab weather. You may also opt to add natural elements, such as wood and leather, which usually come in warm, rich tones and hues.

Surround yourself with softness

Texture is a big part of the hygge concept, so embrace the sweater weather. Surround yourself with soft items in comfortable textures, such as fluffy pillows, throw blankets and comfy cushions. And, don’t you just love the feeling of your socked feet sinking into the thickness of a fur rug? In hygge, softness is next to cosiness.

Create cosiness in a corner

To better achieve hygge at home, you need a perfect little place in which to curl up with a blanket and a good book. The Danes call this the hyggekrog, which roughly translates to a cosy nook. Choose a small room or a corner in one, light up the fireplace, surround yourself with pillows, and settle down with a great book and hot drink. This is the perfect way to stay cosy on cold Melbourne nights.

Live simply

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Finally, don’t forget that the concept of hygge is also about simplicity. You don’t need a fancy fireplace or a thousand-thread-count blanket to feel warm and cosy. As long as you surround yourself with what truly makes you happy, people included, you’ll feel cosy. Basically, use your home for really living instead of a place for merely storing your stuff.

With winter upon Melburnians, it’s tempting to count down the days until the blustery nights are over. But, if you embrace the Danish concept of hygge, you just might learn to appreciate the cold for what it is: a chance to stay warm.

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