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Moving homes is a big decision. You have a lot more to consider if you’re transitioning from a big house to a relatively smaller condo. It’s not only the address that’s going to change, but your lifestyle, the use of space (and stuff), and your neighbors.

So, how do you know if it’s indeed time to move from house to a condo? If you see these signs, you need to go condo hunting and packing already:

1. The big house already got a little too tiring.

Most Filipinos dream of big houses — one with several bedrooms, a sprawling backyard, and a rooftop deck. Hustling hard, a lot of them realize such a dream, but they later find out later though that it’s a little too big. It could also be too tiring to maintain. This is especially true when children grow up and go to college already, staying home only on the weekend or when the semester ends.

Parents are left with an empty house that still needs regular upkeep: dusting and mopping children’s bedrooms, getting fallen leaves off the yard, and paying for the same cooling costs. If you’ve grown tired of all these, then it’s time to get a condo. Not only will you benefit from the space that’s easier to maintain, but you can also have an aesthetically pleasing curb appeal and an outdoor area that’s well-taken care of by the condo management. Check out a condo for sale in Cebu or any city you please and see if it fits your size preferences.

2. The lifestyle priorities have changed.

Your home is supposed to support your lifestyle. The fact of the matter is, the way you live life changes as you grow and experience more things. You probably have found traveling as a new hobby. You now spend less time at your home and more on discovering what’s out there. If that’s the case, then a condo would really be ideal for such a lifestyle change.

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Aside from the point mentioned above, there are fewer house duties you need to fulfill. This gives you more time to explore the outdoors, as you’re able to have peace of mind with the security of your property. Condo communities have 24/7 surveillance of the complex and guards monitoring the area, so break-ins or trespassing are less likely. It’s a stark contrast from when your home is at a subdivision, like when you would have to ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your property.

3. The current house location isn’t working anymore.

It’s always a good idea to move with the aim of finding a better location. As real estate agents would always say, location matters. Over time, the quality of the neighborhood changes, and so is your needs. There will come a point when you would want to be nearer commercials establishments, offices, or schools, especially given the insane traffic situation in the Philippines.

Furthermore, location dictates the kind of community you belong to. You can easily adjust to a condo neighborhood, as there are many social activities you can join there. The shared amenities, like gyms, pools, and green spaces, also provide opportunities to interact with your neighbors.

The decision to transition from a big house to a small condo requires a lot of thought. Take these signs into consideration in determining if it’s time to make the big move.

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