Adjusting from Apartment Living to the House Life

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Apartments can be good homes for those who don’t think they’re ready to settle down and commit yet. However, for most people, there comes a time when tiny spaces stop being adequate. For example, when their household needs can no longer be met by their current home.

This is the moment where one becomes an aspiring homeowner. Taking stock of the finances, they’ll start shopping for the perfect home. Luckily, real estate is booming in Australia and it’s generally easy to own a house.

The change from an apartment to a house can be daunting. Especially if one takes into consideration the logistics behind the move. So if you’re looking to buy your first house and land in West Melbourne, here are some tips to make the experience more bearable.

Keep an Inventory

Moving can be overwhelming. In fact, it’s cited to be one of the most difficult changes a person has to go through in a lifetime. But this doesn’t mean it’s not possible for a move to be efficient and hassle-free. For this to happen, it’s good to keep an inventory of belongings.

This list allows you to check through items that you wish to bring along, and others that either can be donated or just tossed away. For an easier process, try the KonMari method and ask yourself what sparks joy. Items that usually don’t are clothing that doesn’t see much use, which can easily be set aside to be given away.

Replace the Locks

Security is a top priority for any home. An inexpensive way to secure your new house is by replacing all the old locks with ones you have personally chosen. Not only does this ensures quality, but also assures you that only the people you trust have keys to your property. Aside from replacing the locks, make sure that you make spares not only for family members, but also for yourself in the event that you lose your copy.

Customize (Within Budget)

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Purchasing a home is a commitment that takes years to accomplish. Paying for it takes away chunks of our finances, same with the upkeep, but that shouldn’t stop us from making changes to the new house. There are inexpensive ways to make the new space homier, like DIY-ing wall paint to give the interior a splash of colour. After, put up photographs to give the house a personal touch. Simple black frames that can be bought for cheap and in bulk allows the memories to stand out against a bright background.

Don’t Forget General Upkeep

Houses differ from apartments in that you have to worry about the situation outside your doors and windows. The added bullet points to your chore list may be grueling at first, but they’re manageable if completed within a schedule.

If cleaning the roof gutters or trimming the lawn fit into your schedule, there’s always cheap but quality hired help to consider. There are people out there whose jobs are about making other houses look their best. There’s nothing wrong with employing their help, especially if it keeps your house neat-looking.

Focus on the Good

A lot of pressure comes with buying a house. However, it comes with plenty of good, too, like the fact that you’ve managed to achieve another major milestone in life. It’s difficult to finance now, but after mortgage you’ll only have to worry about utilities and upkeep. For many years to come, you’ll have a permanent place to come home to.

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