A Step Towards Adulthood: Decorating Your First Apartment

Designing your apartment

Moving into your very first apartment is a huge deal, and so is the list of things you must accomplish. This is especially true if you’re decorating from scratch and have a very limited budget. But it can still be exciting and a lot of fun.

After all, you’re finally saying goodbye to dorm life and finally getting ready to forget about living with small fridges, extra-long sheets and whiteboards. Your first task when moving into your very first apartment here in Athens, OH, is to pick which two spaces you want to give your utmost attention to.

Most people choose their living room and bedroom as their priorities, so these two may require more time and other investments. But, even if you decide to work on other areas first, think about how you want each room to function so you can furnish it accordingly. Always focus on quality over quantity.

Here are some helpful ideas on how you can turn your apartment into a totally grown-up space but still screams youthful, fun, and vibrant:

Give your windows some TLC

Bare windows make any room look incomplete. You can also forget about privacy if you leave your windows as is. So, make sure to add some appropriate window treatments to every room you have in your apartment, whether these are blinds or some curtains in exciting prints and patterns and a rod.

If you’re unsure which one to buy, you can go the safe route and choose a neutral shade. Once you’re ready to explore a bit more, then add a second curtain panel.

Add some pops of color

The trick to giving your space a more sophisticated vibe is by starting with a neutral base then gradually mixing in a few colors here and there. You wouldn’t want your new apartment to look childish with splashes of random colors all over the places.

Have some statement pieces

When you’re renting and can’t do anything with your finishes and materials, it doesn’t mean you can’t up your furniture game. Fill your available space with the things you love, and you’ll be able to forget about the rest that makes your skin crawl.

Every room should have a statement piece as its focal point. For example, a deep magenta sofa or a modern dining table will certainly give apartments a more mature feel.

Build a gallery wall

Toss some of your old college paraphernalia and switch them out with some new artwork. Look for the perfect wall where you can get as creative as you want. Even if you still can’t invest in some pricey art pieces, you can always DIY some beautiful wall art that shows your style and personality.

Build a much better bedroom

Bright and airy bedroom

So, now that bunk beds are behind you, it’s time to build your own comfy bedroom that’s perfect for relaxation after many hours at work. Other than the essential pillows and mattresses, get some cozy linens, soft rugs, and patterned throw pillows for added decoration.

When you only have limited space, decorating can be tough, especially if landlord laws and rental rules limit your options. But, with a touch of creativity and resourcefulness, you can certainly make things work.

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