The Best Way to Find Real Estate Leads for Your Business

Do you know how to find real estate leads for your real estate investing business? If not, you better take the time to start developing and implementing a strategy right now. Lead generation is the engine that powers your investing business. Without an efficient, functioning engine your real estate investing career will stall and fail before you ever get out of the driveway.

Let me be blunt: No matter what the gurus have told you, there’s no secret strategy involved in lead generation. You will need to roll up your sleeves, invest some time each day developing your lead list and commit yourself to growing your business. But if you take my advice and dedicate yourself to the one lead generation strategy I recommend the most, you will create a steady stream of prospective real estate deals that lead to a steady stream of income.

1. The Fastest Way to Generate Real Estate Leads

The fastest ways to generate real estate investing leads are also ones that take the most skill and that are the most difficult. These strategies include knocking on doors, cold calling expired real estate listings, dialing for dollars through the phone book, researching pre-foreclosures and farming particular neighborhoods looking for deals. These strategies require hours of your time and the savvy skills of an experienced investor. But don’t worry, I’m going to share a lead-generation strategy that blows these out of the water.

2. The Most Efficient Way to Generate Real Estate Leads

Perhaps the most efficient ways to find real estate leads, are unfortunately, also the most expensive strategies. These lead generation strategies, which still require a great deal of skill, include direct mail, classified ads, pay per click advertising, websites, signs and other marketing materials promoting your business. Unless you are different than most individuals beginning a career investing in real estate, you probably don’t have a big budget to throw at marketing. But forget about handing over your hard-earned money to some marketing guru, I’ve got a sure-fire plan that runs on a shoestring budget.

3. The Best Way to Generate Real Estate Leads

The absolute best way to not only find leads but to also find the exact kind of real estate leads you need to succeed as a real estate investor long-term requires less skill and less money than anything mentioned previously. Here’s the catch. It is also the slowest, takes the most commitment and requires patience. But when you do begin to implement and work this strategy, your lead generation engine will be running like a finely-tuned sports car.

Real Estate Lead GenerationTo become a successful real estate investor, you need to have a lead generation database and a large network that includes other investors, tenants, bird-dogs, people you’ve done deals with, and just about anyone and everyone you meet or know.

**What the Gurus Won’t Tell You About Generating Real Estate Leads

The gurus of real estate investing are mostly out to make a sale by leading their audience to a “quick fix” or the “strategy du jour.” They know quick and easy sells. You can’t blame them, though. You can’t blame them because you keep on buying it. Why would they want to impart what it really takes when you’re already buying what they’re selling? Here’s what they won’t tell you, and they won’t tell you for one or both of the following reasons. Either…

  1. They don’t know because they don’t actually invest themselves.
  2. They know you won’t buy it because it takes work and can be very boring.

The secret to steadily generate real estate leads to where people always come to you first where there’s a deal to be had is…

Develop a reputation of saying what you’re going to do and doing what you say.

of this strategy is to always be in networking mode. Networking with the right people – especially successful investors – will help deliver great leads to your front door.

Developing and maintaining a reputation of someone that consistently “performs” per their word and adding to/updating your database each and every day will create the BEST real estate leads. This takes commitment and patience, but it doesn’t take forever. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. In this instance, slow and steady doesn’t just win the race… it creates a turbocharged database that generates real estate leads that will make you a ton of money leading you to financial independence and freedom.

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