The 10 Richest Real Estate Investors in the U.S.A. an Infographic

Real estate investors account for much of the world’s wealth. That’s no real surprise to most as becoming a real estate millionaire is a common aspiration.

Being one who teaches and coaches fledgling real estate investors, I got to thinking the other day and I wondered, “Where do real estate investors rank amongst the wealthiest people?” So, I decided to conduct some research and headed over to what I thought the most logical place to be, The Forbes 400 – The Richest People in America. I began “investigation” at the top of the list with Mr. Bill Gates himself and worked my way down the list researching each individual looking to identify which members of this esteemed club either made, or preserved, a significant portion of their wealth by investing in real estate.

Much to my surprise, I didn’t find many prolific real estate investors in the top 100. However, once reaching #101, the percentage of this list’s moguls that invest in real estate started to rise quickly. So, as I’ve said it so many times, and accepted it as one of the great truths, that real estate investing has created more millionaires than any other investment vehicle… it appears to indeed be true. Perhaps real estate won’t make you thee richest person in America, it can certainly get you on the list of the richest. And investing in real estate still, in my humble opinion, remains the single greatest vehicle for the average person to achieve financial freedom.

Below are the results of my research… the 10 Richest Real Estate Investors in the U.S.A.

Real Estate Investors

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  1. Love the infographic, Matt. And the truth behind it. Being from the DC area–and in the commercial real estate business–I see Ted Lerner’s malls, office buildings and strip centers all around the region. It was real estate wealth that enabled him to buy the defunct Montreal Expos franchise, move it to DC and re-christen them the “Nationals”.

  2. Awesome post athe is describe the Real estate i am real estate investor in monteral. I read the blog and i lerant many thing thanks for sharing……..

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