Why Your Yellow Letters Are Not Working

Beginning investors carry so many assumptions as to why this or that isn’t working. The direct mail silver bullet, “the yellow letter,” is not immune from such assumptions. It’s a wonder any new person ever finds success with the yellow letter, or any marketing piece for that matter, but so many do… and here’s how!

How To Be A Real Estate Lead Generating Machine – Part One: Pre-Game

Real estate lead generation is the engine that keeps your investing business running. You must learn how to fuel your lead generation machine, and master it.

The Best Way to Find Real Estate Leads for Your Business

There are three approaches to generating real estate leads. The fastest way. The most efficient way. The best way. What category to your methods fall into?

Real Estate Investing Lead Generation’s 5 Commandments

Successful real estate investing comes down to knowing the difference between “opportunity” and “trouble.” Follow these 5 Lead Generation Commandments and knowing the difference will be a snap!