Success Doesn’t Happen In a Seminar: Put The Book Down And Get Into The Game

People love to learn, they will buy hundreds of courses, books and audio programs, But! They will rarely take more than one (if one at all) actionable step toward their “desired” success. Why? Because most people would rather learn than do. It’s safe; there’s no failure in learning.

Learning leads you.

Action transforms your life.bookcrush

Real estate is not about executing a couple deals so you can pay your bills. It’s not about the money. (Although money is a sweet side effect)

Real Estate is about who you become along the way. It IS about the journey. It’s about moving at the speed of instruction, taking action, and trusting that simply taking action will create the momentum that changes lives.

At first, the results of your efforts will appear disconnected, but after a time – because there is not one success story that happened overnight –the spoils of your campaign accumulate and connections appear where before you saw none.

Relationships develop, deals reveal themselves, success stories accrue, and suddenly the person you’ve become on this journey of real estate is the most exalted version of yourself you had no idea you’d meet.

You are free.

You are active.

You are witnessing magic.

It’s happening because you began.

You didn’t wait to have all the answers.

You didn’t ask to know the endpoint.

You didn’t require that every obstacle be overcome before you got to it.

It all comes down to faith. Learn and take advice from those who have succeeded before you, but more importantly, believe in your unique ability to realize your own success.

Know your staying power, even when all the steps you’re taking don’t appear to be working and you want to move on to the next shiny thing (especially then). STICK WITH IT.

There are pieces of success present in your life right now that are invisible to you, but if you stop, or don’t start, you will never feel the elation of seeing them clearly.

If you wait for every answer you’ll never begin, and instead of magic you will end up with mediocrity.

Let me ask you this:

Do you want to be watching?

Or would you rather be WINNING?

The choice is entirely yours.

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