Video 9 – Investigate and Negotiate

Hey there! Things have changed here a bit, for the better! I recently updated the free course to help you get to a pay check even faster, and do it with greater ease and consistency, too.

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Matt Theriault



  1. I love this strategy!! Been through other courses and this was not in those.

  2. matthew 10:16 is talking about those going out to preach about god’s kingdom
    this is part of his will colossians 4:6 and yet another grate video filled with some fantasic tips of the trade

    thank you matt

  3. Vid-9 is freezing at 5:53.


  4. When you renegotiate, what paperwork are you using?

    • Hi Renee,

      Thanks for the question. When you’ve renegotiated any terms of the deal that are different than what was previously agreed to, an Addendum to the contract is created. It’s a simple one-page sheet that states the new terms. It’s signed by both parties and then submitted to escrow.

  5. I wanted to clear up the math a little bit for myself. If you are making an offer of 325K and the outstanding balance is only 275K wouldn’t the buyer ask for the difference? How can you explain where the 50K goes?
    Also, your agreement that the buyer gets some cash,, is that written in the contract?


    • Regarding the $50K, it depends. It depends on the situation of the Seller and how motivated they are, and it depends on the Buyer’s exit strategy.

      When it comes to money, everything is written in the contract.

  6. Sorry one more question,

    What if the loan amount on the house is more than what you are willing to pay? Is there any way to get the bank to agree to take less?


    • Yes, it’s called a short sale. They are very common today. However, I don’t teach short sales here at the Academy. It’s a long and arduous process that sometimes pays off and sometimes doesn’t. There are plenty of easier and quicker ways to invest in real estate.

      I’m not saying short sales are bad or good. I’ve had my experience with them and choose not to pursue them.

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