Video 5 – The E.P.I.C. Approach

Hey there! Things have changed here a bit, for the better! I recently updated the free course to help you get to a pay check even faster, and do it with greater ease and consistency, too.

Go HERE to access the new course. You’ll be pleasantly surprised ๐Ÿ™‚

Matt Theriault



  1. I love your videos (so far)…can’t wait till the next video…but I have a big question because it’s what has been killing me for a while now. I have had interest in real estate for as long as I can remember, but as an employee of a 9 to 5 and a family to take care of I never have been able to have any savings. Now, I understand and believe you when you say “no money, no credit, no problem” and the “Move at the speed of Instruction” method…BUT, what can you advice me to do to GET OVER THE FEAR? Especially when you are new and have never done anything like this before. No money, No experience…I ask because in MLM (which I totally dislike) that was a great fear of mine and leaders never were able to explain to me how in the world was I going to tell someone “this works, this is real” when I had not been successful. I hope you understand me lol

    • Hi Wanda, I totally understand you.

      First, you don’t have to convince anyone that “this works, this is real.”

      Second, the only way to disappear fear is to face it. Action kills fear. Procrastination feeds fear.

      Take one step at a time… travel as far as you can see and when you get there, you will see further.

      And always remembers this! It is impossible to learn anything new and look good. Face it. You’ll probably embarrass yourself a few times, so what! I still do. No big deal. Brush it off and move on. Keep moving forward and you’ll get better and better and better. It’s exactly like learning any new skill. If you follow the steps in the free course, you will never be at any insurmountable risk. Bold actions create big results, so be bold ๐Ÿ™‚

      Stay in touch and let me know how else I can help.

  2. Victor R. says:

    Let me call this letter “The Real Deal” I’d like to start by saying that I, as I am sure many, have noticed that in the process of teaching people how to break into Real Estate Investing, you have in the process created cash flow for yourself in the following:
    1.) Revenue from book sales that are generated through each book purchase that your links produce.
    2.) Revenue from any website or program that is produced through your company brand “epic” that you link through your courses, as well as for any new customers to the sites/services purchased that your videos introduce.

    These are sources of revenue for you that from what I have seen up to this point are obvious.. I am not being a skeptic in sayin this simply an observers point of view…So would it be correct to say that apart from learning how to invest in real estate, one should also think of ways to market yourself? lol

    • Hi Victor, thanks for sharing your point of view. You are correct in your assessment, I do indeed make money from many of the links you see in the course.

      A mentor of mine once told me that wealthy people get wealthy because they focus on, and develop, a single skill. They then develop multiple streams of income from that skill. I try to follow this “how to get wealthy model,” but I assure you… nobody here is getting wealthy on book sales and affiliate links ๐Ÿ™‚ Have you seen how much Amazon pays an affiliate to sell one book? I think I average $.22 each book sold. It took me almost seven months to reach Amazon’s threshold payout of $100. LOL!

      Anyway, I’ll keep trying. Nothing yet I’ve discovered comes close to the revenue I earn from real estate.

      Oh, and that same mentor also told me that poor people focus more on other people’s bottom line than they do their own. His wisdom didn’t seem complete without mentioning both sides.

      Thanks again Victor for your contribution. Stay in touch and let me know how else I may help.

  3. Mike,

    Do you send yellow letters first prior to doing a preliminary evaluation of the property? Do you wait to see if you get a bite from somebody before doing the prelim evaluation of value?


    • Hi Kevin,

      I first narrow my search for addresses based off my own investing criteria. I then send yellow letters to that list.

      I not only wait to see if I get a bite, but I wait to see if there’s motivation within that bite before I do prelim evaluation.

  4. Rick W. says:


    Just starting out. Saw some good videos on HUD purchasing strategies. Not sure if it was from you or another. Can you help me there. Really interested in starting with that strategy, or any other strategy that can get me into deals cheap with plenty of room for rehab and below market sale.


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