The Investor Breakthrough of Los Angeles

“To know and not do is to not know.
So, join us and start doing!”

Through live workshops you will learn (and take action) to:

  • Find the Deal
  • Analyze the Deal
  • Secure the Deal
  • Fund the Deal

Real estate is a “people” business, and everything you will want to accomplish in the business of real estate investing will be through other people. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people can accelerate your success like nothing else. There’s never been a better time to be buying and selling real estate than right now. It is The Investor Breakthrough of Los Angeless commitment to build and nurture a mutually benefiting community that will share and teach what’s working in this turbulent economy and how you can make a fortune in today’s market because America is on sale!! But the sale won’t last forever!

You’re invited to join us for our next live event, and if it makes sense to you… come back with a friend, again and again and again! Repeat until rich!

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An investor’s commitment to continued learning of new ideas, new concepts and the continued adaptation of approach and strategy to evolving market conditions, will be in direct proportion to the bundle of money made from the unprecedented opportunities in today’s market.

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