How to Pay Off Debt Using Other People’s Money

The whole how to pay off debt discussion has veered off course and most experts sharing advice for paying off debt are leading you down a dead end road. Seriously, if you had the option of paying down your accumulated debts yourself (conventional advice) or allowing someone else to pay it down (smarter advice), which would you choose? For your sake, I hope you are the unconventional type.

The 401K Withdrawal and What they Don’t Want You to Know

The 401k experiment has been a an absolute disaster for most people. When the market crashed in 2008, investors saw years of dedicated savings get wiped out. This is forcing Americans to cut back on their lifestyles and delay retirement even later. It’s not their fault. They were just doing what they were told to do using a totally inappropriate plan to save for retirement. A 401k withdrawal makes sense for most people because it has two HUGE inherent problems…

The Best Way to Find Real Estate Leads for Your Business

There are three approaches to generating real estate leads. The fastest way. The most efficient way. The best way. What category to your methods fall into?

The Financial Advice Scam. Are You Falling for It, too?

From where are you getting your financial advice? From a financially trained or sales trained individual? Don’t fall victim to the financial advice scam that has 97% of Americans in dire financial straits. The tragic part of this story is that MOST people won’t even realize the trouble they’re in until it’s too late.

Which Investment Strategy Should I Choose?

“Which real estate investment strategy should I choose?” is a question I get frequently. Should I do short sales? Should I do fix and flips? Should I do REOs? Should I do buy and holds? These are the types of questions that often find their way to my inbox, through my over-the-phone-coaching and at my live events. There are several investment strategies within real estate of which to choose that it’s understandable picking the right one for you can be difficult. Maybe this will help?

How to Invest

What is your investing goal? Do you even have one? Do you even know how to invest?

Unless you stated a number in the form of a monthly residual income to my first question, YOU are CONFUSED. You are trapped. You are stuck, and here’s why…
You and I were raised on a financial philosophy so insane, and so backwards, that it is guaranteed to fail. Ironically, this

Creative Real Estate Financing and Acquisition 101

Creative real estate financing consists of just about any method of financing the purchase of real estate of which doesn’t involve a traditional bank or an “all cash” transaction. The more credit and money you have to invest, the less creative you’ll have to be in building your real estate portfolio. Nonetheless, even the investor […]

How to Become a Millionaire

According to author Kenneth Fisher’s book, there are ten roads of how to become a millionaire. Or, more specifically per the title of his book, there are Ten Roads to Riches. After reading his book and learning how the wealthy got there, I left with an assured feeling of what I’m doing with my real estate investing is the right thing. Not only was investing in real estate one of those roads to riches, it was clearly the easiest road. So, if you’re wondering how to become a millionaire… investing in real estate provides the best odds.

To become a millionaire in real estate investing, there are four stages one must progress through. The first stage is…

A Quick Tip for Real Estate Investors

From a recent survey, when 100 millionaire real estate investors were asked “Where do most of your deals come from?” It was revealed that 86% percent of all their deals came from just four sources!

Financial Freedom – How to Finally Get It!

Have you been working at this “financial freedom” thing for a while? Want to know how to finally get it? If you are ready to leave behind failing ideologies and shift your thinking, you’ve got a chance. Ready? Let’s get started on the true path to financial freedom.

Financial Freedom through Investing in Real Estate

Achieving financial freedom through investing in real estate is much more than an idea to dream about while on your lunch break at your 9 to 5 job. This dream can easily become a reality setting you up for an early retirement. But there is a catch! To move this idea from the dream state […]