7 Ways Rich Real Estate Investors Think In Creating Wealth

Creating Wealth in Real EstateRegardless of your experience, family origins, age or intelligence, the laws of creating wealth show no favoritism. Creating wealth is a state of mind, and anyone can acquire a wealthy state of mind by doing things in a certain way and thinking rich thoughts. By doing things in a certain way and thinking rich thoughts, you will create wealth. Anyone can invest in real estate… but not everyone will, however.

As with any worthwhile endeavor, your journey begins with your thoughts… and it’s no surprise to me that wealthy real estate investors understand this, as well. Say what you want about the movie The Secret, but you can’t deny that the most successful people attribute much of their success to their ability to control their thoughts. As a mentor once pointed out to me, wealthy real estate investors are no different. Once you learn how to do things in this certain way and think rich thoughts, you will automatically join an exclusive group of people who live lives of creating wealth with mathematical certainty.

Consider this the launch of your journey to creating wealth through real estate investing. It’s this place where even the most competent and confident investors take a moment to listen to the wisdom of those who have already created their wealth. Let’s look at, and embrace, the 7 ways rich real estate investors think while creating wealth.

1.      Think about your “Why,” always. Whether you’re motivated by quitting your day job, access to more choices in life, self-actualization or the freedom that accompanies abundance, you must move from thinking you “want” to achieve to the thinking you “must” achieve. Define your “Why” and get a burning desire to achieve it, and never let it out of your thoughts.

2.      Think big. It takes no more effort to think big than it does small. You’d be hard pressed to find a wealthy real estate investor that doesn’t wish they had bought more and sold less. They understand that the size of their financial portfolio is a direct result to the size of their thinking.

3.      Think “money is important.” We live in a society of which there is nothing in our society that replaces money in which the way that it serves us. Money pays for the roofs over our heads, the clothes on our backs, the food in our stomachs and the health care that we need, and money allows us to do all of the same things for our loved ones. Money is important.

4.      Think “net worth.” By thinking “net worth” you are constantly tracking your assets and liabilities with the difference defining your net worth. The result is essentially your “score” in the game of “creating wealth.” If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it… in fact, if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist. Think “net worth.”

5.      Think real estate. It’s the greatest vehicle for creating wealth. Real estate is accessible, appreciable, leverageable, rentable, improvable, deductible/depreciable/deferrable, stable and liveable. If you find a greater vehicle for creating wealth than that, seize it. Until then, however… think “real estate.”

6.      Think value and opportunity. As an investor, as opposed to a consumer, you’re only interested in doing “deals,” lots of them! You can’t do deals unless you recognize opportunity, and you won’t recognize opportunity unless you know how to assess and recognize value. Think value and opportunity, and do deals!

7.      Think action. Nothing happens until something moves, and wealthy investors “move” at the speed of opportunity. Laziness and indecision are liabilities when it comes to creating wealth in real estate investing. Think action, and act fast!

Think and Create WealthMy mentor, who originally shared these thoughts with me, has immersed himself in the field of wealth creation since 1961. His guidance has contributed to my real estate investing success in so many ways that I’ve implemented many of his principles into my own mentorship program. A real estate investing education would be incomplete without them.

There are innumerable approaches for creating wealth, but I chose an approach that has created wealth for innumerable people. The choice for me was easy. I hold no secrets, by the way. I want you to have this information for creating wealth. I have shared (and will continue to share) this certain way of creating wealth in my newsletter, my blog posts, my podcast and in my mentorship program.

If you want to get your hands on more information about this certain way of creating wealth, you can either subscribe to my newsletter and podcast, or… if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to acquire this information directly from the source. I understand. It’s okay, my feelings won’t be hurt .

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