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Hi! My name is Matt and I’m the guy behind EpicProfessionals.com. I am a fifth-generation California native and Desert Storm Veteran (USMC) and have worked as a full-time real estate professional since 2003. I have discovered that I have a knack for simplifying the complicated, implementing systems and producing desirable results for myself and others.

I’m really just an ordinary guy who once had a goal to be successful in real estate investing and a master of the “multiple streams of passive income” concept. As an experienced and accomplished professional, I felt writing and teaching was the next logical step in my career. Also, because of the issues surrounding our economy today, I am especially interested in informing the public of what multiple streams of income, cashflow and real estate investing can do for them.

I am grateful for my friends, associates, mentors and community for how they’ve empowered me to pursue and achieve so many of my dreams. EpicProfessionals.com is simply an outlet for me to share what I’ve learned and give back.

The best part about what I now do is receiving all of the great responses from people like you. All of the gratitude and praise for my hard work drives me to work even harder on this website — to continue updating its information — providing the world with the most practical and useful real estate investing information and services possible. There’s nothing more rewarding than when I hear someone closed a deal and improved their life because of something they learned from me. Your contributions through your comments and continued use of EpicProfessionals.com are very much appreciated.

If you’re new, please know that I’m here to help you. So, if you have any questions or comments (or suggestions!) about anything, please feel free to contact me anytime.

The very best of luck to you all!

Your partner in prosperity,
Cell: (213) 587-0084

P.S. By the way… my first book, Do Over, is now available. I’m donating the first $200,000 of proceeds to new housing for a family displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Not only do I anticipate Do Over to be an invaluable resource for you to achieve whatever it is you’re up to, it will make a difference in the quality of life of a family in need. Pick up a copy here.

Turn-key Real Estate Investor and CreatorHello! I’m Mercedes and I’m Matt’s assistant and pretty much the manager of operations. Matt says he’d be lost without me, but he wants me to keep that a secret. So let’s keep that between you and me 😉

My ultimate responsibility is to make sure your time here is a pleasant one and if I can, help point you in the right direction so you find what you are looking for.

Additionally, I am an accomplished investor having fix and flipped a bunch of properties in the last few years. I got pretty good at it, too. I was blessed to have an episode of Flip That House feature one of my flipping projects.

I could tell you more about me, but this is really about you.

If I can be of any assistance, please contact me.

Your friend,

Mercedes Torres

Hi! I am Lisa and I’m Matt’s right-hand man… I mean woman :-).  I’ve been investing full time, and teaching others to do the same, since 2007. When I’m not conducting my own deals, I help Matt evaluate property and I act as the liaison between Matt and his team of real estate professionals. We work very well together as we share the vision of improving the quality of life of the American people through teaching real estate investing.

I, too, would like to think of myself as your partner in prosperity. Feel free to contact me with regard to any comments, questions or concerns around EpicProfessionals.com or real estate investing.

Blessings of abundance to you!

Lisa Williams


  1. Ryan Viegelmann says:

    Hey Matt! Love your podcast. I have a question that I’m looking for guidance with. I signed up for an online real estate course in order to get my real estate license. The school suggests that I go straight for the broker license instead of becoming an agent first. I’m leaning towards declining the broker license simply because I’m trying to follow your process to the tee. Any thoughts on this? Please let me know as soon as you can because I only have 3 days left to get a refund on the real estate agent course. Thank you and God bless.


    • Hi Ryan,

      I have wavered back and forth with whether being a real estate licensee is an advantage or not with regard to a real estate investing business. There are pros and cons to being licensed. The two significant cons that I noticed is when you are licensed you are required to disclose it (at least in CA you are) in any transaction’s paperwork. There’s nothing wrong with disclosure, but sometimes it adds an unnecessary element to a deal of which it either scares or confuses the other party. The second con is should you find yourself in any sort of litigation or legal issue, the licensee will typically be held to a higher level of responsibility and almost always be found at fault.

      A license is really only necessary if you intend to represent other people in real estate transactions. There is some legislation currently on the floor of congress of which a broker’s license MIGHT be a big help, but as of right now… I don’t see a big difference between the two. I’m sure there are other opinions on the subject, but that’s mine. Hopefully, I got this information to you on time.


  2. Hi Matt and Lisa,

    I was wondering if you accepted any guest posts on epicprofessionals? I enjoy reading the site and was wondering if I could contribute something of my own, or if you accept submissions at all. Thanks for your help.


  3. rudygtrz says:

    FYI- The term “Creative Real Estate” is a copyright of A.D.,Kessler.

  4. Matt,

    Great infomation.


  5. Hey Matt,
    Member of the Pro Academy, and thanks a lot for all the information.

    I’ve taken to going back an re-listening to the podcasts during my morning runs, and was wondering if you had any published show notes with links to the books/resources you mention/refer to in the podcasts. Am I looking in the wrong place?

  6. William Larsen says:

    Hey Matt,

    Love the podcast, a friend of mine turned me on to it a couple weeks ago and I’m hooked. I’ve been fliping foreclosed homes in LA and OC for an investor for the last 4 years and think it’s about time to start working on my own behaf instead of someone else. I just have 2 questions for you.

    1. Do you reccomend setting up an LLC or something like that to do your transactions through? I am a broker, I do not know if that changes anything

    2. What do you do when you come across a motivated seller, but he is upside down?

    Thanks a lot and I really appreciate all the help/motivation you offer!


    • Hi William,

      Glad you found the podcast 🙂

      My CPA recommended to me that I use an LLC for my rentals and an S-corp for my flips. However, he did say that the S-corp doesn’t make financial sense until you reach approximately $40K in earnings. So, if you see yourself earning at least that… I’d create an S-corp.

      These days when I come across a motivated seller is upside down I will typically walk away. If I can get it to cash flow in its current condition with the existing financing, I’ll make an exception and take the property over “subject to.”

      Stay in touch William and let me know how else I can help.

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