The Capitalist – Friend or Foe?

Unfortunately the crooked, lazy, dishonest exploiters of the capitalist system have tarnished the reputation of the true capitalist, and our current school system enforces this belief by surreptitiously instilling in the young that the rich are evil money hoarding abusers. When in reality, the true capitalist benefits only from his generous contribution to society, the improvement of lives, and the creation of jobs.

True capitalists are producers. When they enrich society by supplying items of great value, they receive accordingly. The problem lies in the deep seeded belief that producers are malicious and training generations to be wage earners instead of entrepreneurial capitalists.

Our education system continues to pump out individuals who believe that their job, money, and personal residence are assets. When in reality, you cannot own a job, money is no longer real, and the only asset of a personal residence is the mortgage. Unless someone is paying you to live there, it is not your asset.

entrepreneurThe authentic entrepreneur finds solutions to common problems, improving the quality of life for those he affects. He is generous, creative, and a benefit to society.  Since entrepreneurs are the only ones who create jobs, why not solve the issue of unemployment by teaching our children how to be entrepreneurs instead of sending them through school, impressing upon them the idea that the obvious next step is to find a high-paying job?

The world is growing and developing at ever increasing speeds, and there will be no shortage of entrepreneurial opportunities. The question remains, do we train our future generations to step into the position of problem solvers and economic contributors, or do we continue to teach them that their best option is to sell their time for money?

The first step to mending this financial crisis is a magnificent dose of financial education. Without it, we are headed down the same path that no longer leads to a happy ending. By training the future generations how to be generous capitalists – the only kind of true capitalist – the economic climate will begin to heal. But in order to train the future, the education starts now, with you. Here!

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