The Due on Sale Clause Facts

The due on sale clause is one of the more frequently asked about subjects in real estate investing. Here are the basic facts you need to know, as well as the tips and “work-a-rounds” of dealing with the due on sale clause inside of your real estate investing business so you can capitalize on one of the more profitable and exciting niches in the business.

How to Invest ‘Subject To’ and Overcome the “Due on Sale” Clause

How to invest ‘Subject to’? is a question that puzzles many investors, especially when it comes to beating the “due on sale” clause. The answer to the question “how to invest ‘subject to” is not a complicated one. As long as you are clear with regard to what “subject to” is, it’s not as difficult to execute as it may seem. If you know how to explain it to the seller, and what steps to take to protect you and the seller, you can use the ‘subject to’ strategy over and over with minimal risk to build your real estate portfolio.