How to Find Real Deals in 4 Simple Steps

The most common question asked of me is “How do you find your deals?” That question is on the tip of the tongue of every person I meet contemplating how to become a real estate investor. It’s understandable because without deals, “real deals” specifically, one’s investment plan can be executed nor can one’s goals be accomplished. To be successful in real estate investing, you need to know how to find deals or your real estate investing journey will be short-lived.

A real deal is defined as a property that meets YOUR criteria and a seller that will meet YOUR terms. Typically, finding the properties that meet your criteria is the easy part. However, find property owners willing to sell to you on your terms is a bit more challenging. The entire process of successfully finding real deals isn’t easy, but it isn’t complicated either. As there are a wide array of finding properties that will meet your criteria, there is only one way to find property owners that will sell to you on your terms. Enjoy the video!

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