Does it take money to make money?

People frequently ask us if they can get started investing with little or no money, or more specifically… “Does it take money to make money?”  For the most part, the answer is “Yes.”  The caveat is, however, it doesn’t have to be your money; And where you invest money is probably more important than how much of it you have to invest.

First, it doesn’t have to be your money.  “Borrow it,” we say.  The majority of us were probably raised in families that preached, “Debt is bad.”  The validity of that statement is determined solely by the kind of debt one assumes.  If you are in debt due to financed vacations, shopping sprees and jet-skis… then YES, debt is bad.  However, if what you have gone in to debt for is yielding a higher return than the money you are borrowing, debt is good!  Three great examples of good debt are real estate, businesses and education (specifically your financial education).

That brings us to… Second, where you invest your money is probably more important than how much you have to invest After years of experience, we’ve learned that you and your financial intelligence are your most valuable investments.  Debt in financial education is good debt.  That type of education will yield returns that will long outlast the time it took to repay the debt, regardless of how much you borrowed to acquire your education.  Once you’ve acquired a sound financial education, nobody can ever take that away from you.

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There are always opportunities within real estate and business, but only someone with a financial education can see and capitalize on the best opportunities.  What you will want to know is that the stronger your financial education, the less and less of your own money you will need to make money.  For example, in 2009 I was able to conduct 18 real estate transactions without using one dime of my own money; and through those transactions I put well over six-figures in my pocket.  That would’ve never been possible if I had not taken the step to get “financially educated.”  I’m fortunate to work with people everyday within my community that do far better than that, but I thought it would be more inspiring and believable to hear just an average example, or maybe not?  That’s what’s great about real estate… there is no ceiling on the amount of money that can be generated.  With a sound financial education you can make as much as you want to make.

There are several places these days where you can acquire a great financial education.  I searched high and low for the right education for me.  The right education for me would not only include a “a good education,” but also I knew I would need assistance in applying it.  I needed a community of like-minded people and mentors.  I found that with this great system.  I encourage you to do your due diligence in searching for what makes sense for you, but I feel confident in recommending this system to you as the “end all be all.”  Feel free to take a look for yourself and make up your own mind.  What I want you to leave with is that if it’s your ambition to make more money, there’s no better investment than a sound financial education.  Good luck, and let us know how we can help 🙂


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