The New Definition of Wealth!

how to investWhen I changed my thoughts about what it means to be financially independent, I found myself on track to actually reach “financial independence” in just a few years… as opposed to the 40+ years instilled in my mind by “traditional” thinking.  I’m going to suggest you start thinking about your financial future a little differently, as well.

Being wealthy is not having a bunch of money in the bank.  Being wealthy is having enough money coming in every month to sustain your lifestyle whether you go to work or not.

In today’s volatile and uncertain economy, it’s easy to fall in the trap of attempting to establish “security” for yourself through working longer days and more days per week.  What I’m going to suggest is that you start thinking more about how to get where you want to be in 5 years in as little as 6 months.

The only true way to build wealth and create financial independence is through passive income.  Passive income is that income that arrives in your bank account every month whether you decide to work or not.  Rental real estate is one of the most secure forms of passive income.

If the thought of getting involved daunts you, you are not alone.  The key is to get started.  It doesn’t matter how small of an investment you make, just get started.  The first is the scariest, but the second… not so much.  The third gets even easier, and by the fourth you’ll be a pro!  Think about the first time you drove a car, you were likely terrified.  The second time was a little easier, the third time even easier.  Now, you get in a car and rive 65 mph down the road eating your lunch, singing with the radio and texting your best friend without giving driving a second thought.  Real estate investing is just like that!  A little scary at first, but it gets easier and comfortable.  Imagine what your life would look like if you could create wealth in the same nonchalant manner you drive your car.  Just imagine for a second… wow!

Again, the key is to get started!!!

If all of that make sense, then there’s only one thing left to do.  Get started!  Maybe these “easy entry” cashflowing properties just may be what the Dr. ordered?  And when I suggest “easy,” they are easy.  Tenants are in place, management is in place, financing is in place, no rehab, no banks… just easy!  Get the info on these properties here.


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