The 10 Richest Real Estate Investors in the U.S.A. an Infographic

Real estate investors account for much of the world’s wealth. That’s no real surprise to most as becoming a real estate millionaire is a common aspiration.

Being one who teaches and coaches fledgling real estate investors, I got to thinking the other day and I wondered, “Where do real estate investors rank amongst the wealthiest people?” So, I decided to conduct some research…

207 South Barbara Way, Anaheim, CA

THIS IS A REGULAR SALE! No banks involved/NOT a short sale or REO. Can close in 30 days or less. Lowest priced 4 bedroom within a mile radius. Just cleaned up, newly painted and re-habbed. Ready to move-in! Nice well-maintained home with many upgrades in very quiet and clean neighborhood.

Where To Start If You Have No Money To Do So?

“Where to start if you have no money to do so?” is one of the most common questions I get. What’s tragic is it is probably the most common question not asked, as well. Fear of the unknown stops people dead in their tracks and they never get started in the most lucrative industry in the world. Fear’s biggest adversary is “confidence,” and with this post it is my intention to instill some confidence in you so that you can move forward and begin to enjoy all of the time-freedom and money-freedom that successful real estate investing can provide.