An Early Retirement Plan, and Not Another Tall Fable

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Residual Income Assets:

Recently I’ve come out of retirement. I’m actively investing in real estate again. I’m doing so for a few reasons… and I’ll let you know more of the details on the next episode of the Epic Real Estate Investing podcast.

Now, I just mentioned that I came out of retirement. I doubt I’ll ever totally retire, but I am in a position where I can retire anytime that I want. I’ve simply set my life up that way, and it’s what I want to help you set up for YOU. But, only if you want, of course.

So, speaking of retirement… have you thought about it? What’s your retirement going to look like? Does it include bright sunshine and a beach? Is yours to spend quality time with your grandchildren? Does it involve endless rounds of golf and early mornings filled with fishing? Maybe your retirement plan involves traveling the globe? All of these plans for retirement sound great. However, rather than placing a lot of focus on the destination, what about the journey? How long is it going to take you to get there? And how will you do it?

Understanding “how” you can reach those relaxing retirement years is much more important than knowing what you want to do when you finally get the chance to enjoy them. With all the work, work and more work you put into your daily existence, it would be tragic for you not to achieve the perfect retirement dream. I mean that would be an absolute shame, and sadly it is, or will be, the reality for 95% of the population. But! It doesn’t have to be.

As a population, we spend most of our lives working and working, saving and saving, accumulating and accumulating with the hopes that one day our journey will end at a big, shiny pot of gold labeled independence

We all know that there isn’t a pot of gold there waiting for us. That would be an unrealistic expectation akin to winning the lottery. As well, the traditional road map we follow to our retirement years is also unrealistic. In fact, I would like to label it a fable. It’s a myth. It’s just as much of a myth as the pot of gold we were told that sits at the end of a rainbow.

In this wonderfully-weaved tall tale, we are told to work, pay off our debts and accumulate savings in devices like 401ks, IRAs, stocks and annuities. Then after many, many, many years of working we will have saved enough of which will provide us the security of income to savor our fleeting last years of life. Maybe you are okay with this, BUT! If that doesn’t sound so great to you, I’ve got a better way to do it.

“Instead of basing your future on accumulation, your retirement plan should be based on residual income.”

Creating multiple streams of passive, automatic, residual income is a sure-fire way to ensure you can enjoy your retirement years, and enjoy them while you’re still young enough to do so. This plan for retirement is a road map to independence; And properly done, it puts you on a path to not only a comfortable retirement, but an early one, as well.

An ideal source of residual income is rental real estate, it’s why I’m so passionate about it. It’s why I created a platform to inform people about rental real estate. Investing in real estate is ideal to creating an early retirement because in addition to creating a residual income, you can benefit from:

  • Equity build-up
  • EPIC tax advantages
  • Leverage
  • And most of all… you can actually control your residual income with no extraordinary effort on your part like no other investment vehicle. You have control, and that is invaluable to your future.

These benefits are paramount for a realistic plan for your financial independence.

Retire Early and HappyHere’s how you can really SPEED up the process!

Instead of taking the money you make from your rental properties and saving it, put it back into an asset that produces more residual income and watch your residual income compound before your eyes, as opposed to watching interest compound. Watching interest compound is equivalent to watching paint dry. Sure, it works, but it takes 30-40 some odd years for it to really kick in. An asset the produces residual income, however, is another story. You can watch, and enjoy, that RIGHT NOW!

That residual income asset could be more rental property, it could be an automated business or even an online business, and this is exactly what I’ve done. It’s why I can confidently recommend this path to you as “realistic,” because it’s my reality. I want it  to be your reality, too.

And to get started… all it takes is a shift in mindset. Modify your current goals of making and saving a lot of money to creating multiple streams of residual income.

Shift from “Accumulator” to “Residual Incomer.”

So to sum this up, I’ve presented to you an alternative retirement plan. In this plan, you no longer trade time for dollars, you no longer save year after year and HOPE for the security to enjoy a few final years of your existence. Your goal in this plan is not to find some magical destination where life finally begins. Instead, you begin to invest your time and money into producing assets which provide automatic, monthly, residual income. You repeat the process again and again and watch as a path of early retirement and freedom, a path of financial independence, materializes before your very eyes.

Understand this, it’s not going to happen overnight. But! It’s not going to take the 40-50 years that the traditional plan will take, either. In this plan for retirement, your journey and destination come together as one. You enjoy your life now along with the abundance, happiness and blessings that financial independence brings with it.

Doesn’t this sound like a much happier ending than praying and hoping for a pot of gold? “HOPE” is not an investment strategy. It’s gambling. Don’t gamble with YOUR, and YOUR FAMILY’s, future.

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