A Quick Tip for Real Estate Investors

From a recent survey, when 100 millionaire real estate investors were asked “Where do most of your deals come from?” 86% percent of their total deals came from just four sources!

  • 7% came from foreclosure listings
  • 9% came from advertising
  • 10% came from walking and driving neighborhoods
  • 60% came from their networks!

And just what that conveys is, real estate is truly a people business. Not only is every piece of real estate you acquire or sell will definitely be to or from another person, 70% of your deals will be referred to you by another person.

How to Become a MillionaireThis is indeed a people business.

I know that could be a “no-brainer” to you. Everyone knows that this is a people business, right? Then again, maybe everyone doesn’t. If we did know that, perhaps there would be more effort and investments made in developing one’s people skills “for this people business” as opposed to the constant and never-ending pursuit of the easiest way to do this business. That darn silver bullet! “It gets me every time!”

In this post, I’ve actually got a silver bullet for you. Real estate investing CAN be easy.

If you didn’t know already, you’ll want to know that people do business, in this particular people business, with people that they like, trust and have confidence in their competence. That being the fact, and if 70% of the most successful real estate investors’ deals come from other people, almost certainly the most pressing issue and burning question within your business should be

“How do I get more people to like me, trust me and have confidence in my competence?”

Watch the video below to learn of three practices you can implement in your business immediately that will cause a greater number of people to like you, trust you and have confidence in your competence. Operate in this fashion and people will WANT to do business with you. People WILL refer deals to you.

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